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It’s ‘soft’ware but it’s hardcore

MultiSpect Analysis (MSA) is a piece of gamma spectroscopy software that automatically plots and analyses spectral peaks from your collected data. With a user-configurable library of over 400 radionuclides, a broad range of isotopes can be identified from your samples, minimizing the risk that some data isn’t captured and then lost.

Sometimes, things can get a little messy, and you’re trying to analyse radioactive samples from a range of mixed sources. MSA can clean this mess right up for you, differentiating spectral peaks of different isotopes with clarity and accuracy, especially when paired with the powerful <2% resolution of the GR1+.

Now we’re talking instant action. Attain isotope ID in real time to complete your analysis quickly at any moment or to take rapid action in field. As long as you have your radiation detector and laptop, you really can complete your analysis anywhere, even if you just happen to be 5,150m up Mount Everest.

MSA being used on Mount Everest paired with a GR1

Everything, all at once

MSA makes multitasking a piece of cake, acquiring spectral data from multiple devices all at once, saving time and allowing for easy comparison or correlation of results. Multiple spectra can also be combined into one, or 5 or more saved spectra can be displayed at one time on screen, facilitating direct comparisons of data.

Compatible with a wide range of our radiation detectors, MSA is everybody’s friend. It can be paired with the kromek devices seen in the diagram below for a variety of applications in the lab or field such as radiation mapping or exploring potential project sites via drones (SIGMA, GR1, TN15), quantitative analysis of radionuclides in soil/food/air (Quant 4 Raymon10, Quant 4 GR1) and gamma radiation identification at sites of nuclear incidents or decommissioning power plants (RayMon10, GR1).


MSA and Compatible detectors


Already bought your detectors? And they’re not from kromek? Not to worry! We forgive you. MSA can easily integrate into any existing solutions. Slide our K102 Multichannel analyser right into a USB port in your laptop or computer to connect any non-kromek detectors directly to MSA.


Don’t feel left out, there’s something for everybody!

MSA is a complex piece of software, suitable for use by experts and professionals in fields of research or civil nuclear related work.

If you are wanting to go above and beyond, MSA premium can take you there! Complete quantitative analysis of radioactive samples of any radionuclide by conducting your own efficiency calibrations with custom geometries. MSA Premium and the Quant 4 GR1 are the two for the job.

There is also a more stripped-down version of MSA available to those in entry-level roles. KSpect is a more accessible piece of gamma spectroscopy software that’s not only free (keep your change!) but compatible with the same devices as MSA, for use one at a time.


Ready for whenever

Once you’ve collected and processed all your results, get a bit creative! Add a splash of color to your results to mark data in order of statistical importance to keep your data organized for reporting and to ease visual processing. All files created can be saved for future reporting in a SPE, CSV or N42.42 format.


And whatever!

MSA is definitely a well-travelled piece of software: used to measure background radiation from cosmic sources on Mount Everest, identifying concentrations of radioactive isotopes for remediation in Entergy power plants, and even proving the usability of CZT-based detectors smash those that are germanium-based out the park!

Now where will you take MSA, or rather, where will it take you?


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