K102 multichannel analyser

For use in gamma spectroscopy

Multichannel analyser

Multichannel analyser for gamma spectroscopy

The K102 is a miniature USB-based multichannel analyser for gamma spectroscopy applications. It is perfect for colleges, universities and research work, and includes gamma spectroscopy software.

The K102 accepts shaped pulses from a range of radiation (gamma) detectors, digitizes the pulse heights, and sends the data to a PC via the USB bus. The  USB bus also powers the device so no external power supply is needed.

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Gamma spectroscopy software included

The K-Spect gamma spectroscopy software included with the K102 performs the spectrum acquisition, display, analysis, and storage functions.

If a more sophisticated gamma spectroscopy software is required (say to utilise multiple detectors) the K102 will also work with Kromek MultiSpect Analysis- specialised gamma-ray spectroscopy software this is designed for analysis of complex samples for radionuclide identification.

K102 features

  • USB powered
  • 4096 channels
  • Compact
  • High performance
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Simple to use

K102 specifications

  • Input: positive or negative pulses with peaking times 0.5 – 50 μs
  • Input impedance: 10 kΩ
  • Pulse amplitude: 0 – 2.5 V full scale
  • Pulse processing dead time: 10 μs
  • Number of channels: 4096
  • Differential non-linearity: < ±1%
  • Integral non-linearity: < ± 0.02%
  • Maximum throughput: 32,000 counts/s
  • Power consumption: 150 mW
  • Dimensions: 70mm x 30mm x 12mm

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