Looking at the big picture; large-area radiation detection

No threat goes undetected. Constantly monitor your target area and cover all angles with our handheld, wearable, aerial, vehicular and static radiation detectors.

There’s lots of people everywhere, and a threat could arise at any second

Protecting a densely populated city or location with complex infrastructure from a radiological or nuclear attack is no easy task. People are coming and going from all directions, on-foot and in queues of vehicles.  There’s heavily interconnected networks of transport hubs, important buildings and large-scale events that must be constantly monitored to ensure coordinated, preventative action can be taken in the face of an incident.

To cover all angles, you need a range of high performance radiation detectors.

Handheld, wearable, aerial, vehicular and static detectors networked around the city or target location(s) facilitate the formation of a widespread alert system. Suspect radioactive sources can be quickly pinpointed and tracked from all directions, with those in control rooms making high-quality decisions informed by spectral data delivered from each networked detector.

Rapid alerts with maximal discretion

Security positioned around the vicinity of an event, train station or throughout a city need instant alarms to safeguard both the public and themselves in the face of a radiological attack. The D3S ID wearable RIID gamma and neutron detector, continuously scans, detects and identifies any radioactive source present within seconds, all from the belt or hand of the operator.  No potential suspect will even notice the detector in operation, with alerts and spectral data discreetly fed to the user via a connected mobile or earbud.

Integration into existing security systems and rapid reachback is also possible, informing remote decision-makers with high-quality spectral data in the appropriate time-frame to illicit context-specific responses at the target site or across the city

User Stories

Radiation detection just got directional

Supplying security personnel with directional data is the GRIID Backpack. From the perspective of the public or a potential suspect, GRID simply looks like an ordinary backpack. However, inside, three D3S ID detectors function simultaneously to provide the user with angular coverage. Security are supplied with real-time range and vector-to-source information on and Android phone, and can be confident they’ve covered the whole target area by following a clearing map via a mobile app.

Continuous monitoring, unattended

Static Nodes positioned at bus stops, subway stations, surrounding airports and other key transport routes ensure the transport of any illicit radioactive material is easily tracked, and doesn’t go any further than it has to. Real-time isotopic ID is delivered to a cloud-based monitoring system every second from each networked detector. Therefore, remote decision-makers are constantly well-informed of the situation at hand and as soon as a threat arises; immediate action can be taken anywhere in the target area or entire city.

With the option for satellite communications, the Static Node R ensure continuous streams of spectral data are supplied to decision-makers from wherever the detectors are positioned e.g. underground throughout subway networks. Furthermore, when mains power is not available or disrupted, the included battery pack ensures the Static Node R can continue to collect and supply spectral data in any situation.

A Static Node R detector left to monitor radiation unattended

Monitoring incoming and outgoing traffic

At an event or across the city, traffic is non-stop. With the sensitive PERM-Mobile as an in-vehicle detector, mounted to infrastructure or as a stand-alone portal, police and other security personnel gain the ability to rapidly detect any radioactive material on the move. Due to the exceptionally low false alarm rate of the detector, only in the instance of a real threat are security disturbed from their duties. Even radioactive material from within vehicles moving at speeds up to 55mph or through tunnels are detected in real-time.

The MURS vehicle system also provides in-vehicle detection. Once discreetly mounted in car luggage space or in a truck bed, this system supplies users with location-wide search and source identification. Detection capabilities are enhanced when deployed alongside other fixed or mobile detectors in monitoring network spanning a large area. Like the PERM-Mobile, the MURS vehicle system employs a large volume detector crystal, facilitating sensitive detection and penetration benefits to efficiently detect concealed sources on the move.

A large-scale, aerial view

Wide area monitoring is made possible with Kromek’s AARM drone-born solution. Map the precise area of the incident from a safe distance by identifying hotspots of radiation and any anomalies from a mobile app. Changes can also be monitored overtime from repeated flight paths, informing clean-up procedures and allowing safe re-entry into affected sites.

Small, lightweight and with a universal gimble; it can be as discreet as you need it to be.

Achieve complete radiological protection

Integrate our detectors into any existing alarm network.

Ensure you and your team are always looking at the big picture to quickly prevent radiological attacks and the movement of illicit radioactive material from anywhere within a city at all times.

Oversee the entirety of your target area from all angles, converging data from all connected detectors into a cloud system, viewable on several computers in a remote control room. Ensure informed decisions can be made about your next steps in keeping the public safe.

Biological threats in densely populated environments

As observed during COVID, infectious diseases have the potential to spread incredibly rapidly in densely populated cities or highly attended events. With so many people going here, there and everywhere, it is difficult to track and contain accidental or pathogen outbreaks effectively.

Kromek’s fully automated, portable and autonomous biosequencer is design to complete DNA sequencing in-field, negating the need for additional infrastructure and constant expert attention. Positioned and then networked from key sites, such as train stations, hospitals, stadiums or even in remote locations, actionable intelligence is delivered rapidly to remote decision-makers and civilian health authorities. As a result, city-wide, regional or even national responses can be implemented in the appropriate timeframe to manage the outbreak.

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