GR Family

A family of small and light CZT-based Gamma detector spectrometers

The Kromek GR family is a range of CZT-based high-performance Gamma spectrometers. They are completely self-contained, with built-in preamplifier, shaping amplifier, baseline restorer, pulse height digitizer and HV supply. The digitised pulse heights of detected Gamma signals are sent to a computer via the USB. The unit is powered entirely from the USB bus, so no external power supply is needed.

Can be used for all Gamma radiation detection needs either straight out of the box or built into your own devices. The GR Gamma detectors can be mounted side by side in an array to give you coverage of a large area.

GR Detectors

GR1/GR1+ Gamma spectrometer

  • Perfect for most uses
  • Energy resolution: < 2.5% FWHM @ 662 KeV
  • USB output only
  • 1 cm cubed CZT detector
  • The plus model is available for those that need higher resolution:
  • Energy resolution: <2.0% FWHM @ 662 KeV

GR1-A/GR1-A+ Gamma spectrometer

  • For those that need extra outputs channels
  • Energy resolution: < 2.5% FWHM @ 662 keV
  • USB output
  • Three MCX connectors that provide energy and timing outputs and gate inputs
  • MultiSpect Analysis spectroscopy software included in the price
  • 1 cm cubed CZT detector
  • The plus model is available for those that need higher resolution:
  • Energy resolution: <2.0% FWHM @ 662 KeV

GR05 Gamma spectrometer

  • For use in a high-flux environment
  • Energy resolution: < 2.5% FWHM @ 662 keV
  • Max dose rate approximately 10mSv/hr
  • USB output
  • Smaller 0.125 cm cubed CZT detector
  • For use in high-count (high-flux) environments

MultiSpect Analysis is Kromek’s feature-rich software and a licence is included with each GR1-A®. To download go to:

In addition to all the K-Spect functionality, MultiSpect Analysis allows users to acquire and display live spectra from multiple devices simultaneously alongside saved spectra from previous measurements. Data is transferred to the computer via USB. It also enables grouping and summing of individual spectra plus the ability to match spectra to an on-board library of over 400 nuclides.

MultiSpect Analysis Premium provides the added benefit of efficiency calibration to enable quantitative analysis ideally suited to data collected in any fixed geometry such as marinelli beakers.

Manual Efficiency Calibration
Where the detector and radioactive sources are used in a fixed geometry, an efficiency calibration of the system can be used, together with the measured count rates in spectrum peaks, to calculate source activity. Tools are provided allowing the user to determine the efficiency of their system using a calibration source of known activity.

GR1 gamma spectrometer at Mount Everest Base Camp


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