Radiation detection and isotope identification for field, lab, industrial and research

Products for the civil nuclear sector

We make a range of radiation detectors for the civil nuclear sector

Our radiation detectors for the civil nuclear sector, high energy physics products and other nuclear physics products are used worldwide by people that work with nuclear material in the lab, industry, research or in the field. Hundreds of organisations use our detectors or components to measure, identify and locate nuclear material. Our products are used in facilities throughout the world where detection of radioactivity is essential, uses range from nuclear power plants to waste sites from university physics labs to school classrooms.

We have a product suited to your needs, either straight out the box or a component that you can use to build a bespoke detector.

Radiation detectors for people that work with or research radiological material

CZT and other technologies used

We use a range of detection methods in our radiation detectors for the civil nuclear sector which includes cadmium zinc telluride (CZT) as well as various scintillator crystals. We were the pioneer in CZT production, to this day we are one of only four companies that can make this compound. We now produce it in our factory in the UK and in the US.

Cadmium zinc telluride allows detectors to be smaller, improves accuracy and more convenient to use. This, in turn, creates new ways for detectors to be used, we have seen our detectors being flown on drones and launched into space.

In the end what is important is what you want to do – we choose the right detector technology for the task as well as all the supporting electronics and software.

Whether you need to detect neutrons, gamma-rays or x-rays we have products that can meet your needs and software that can interpret the results.


Kromek radiation detectors are used on drones

We are the detector experts

We have a range of detectors and components that can be used to build your own detector solutions.

We can also work with you to solve your detection problem. Simply tell us what you need to detect and we can work with you to create a solution and help move an R&D project into a final product.

CZT gamma detector module which can be built into a large array

Spectrometry Software

We have two main spectrometry products available, these are written specifically for our range of radiations detectors and work on Windows (7, 8 and 10) PC and tablets.

  • K-Spect is our entry level software that you can download for free.
  • M-Spect is our specialised software offering more powerful features like aggregation of spectra in one spectrum, built in library of 416 isotopes and more.

Go to our spectrometry page to find out more.

Kromek makes a range of gamma spectroscopy software

Key products

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Do you have a detection problem?

We are expert at solving detection problems. If you are not sure what products you need, just tell us what your problem is and we will work with you to create the solution.

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