Stopping contaminated waste in its tracks

Minimise contamination and prioritise worker safety on scrap metal, recycling and waste management sites with Kromek’s range of sensitive and/or high resolution radiation detectors

Don't let the radioactive material get any further than it has to

When scrap metal is contaminated with a radioactive source, there is no simple solution. Not only does it pose a major threat to those handling the material at a waste site, it can also result in site shut downs, extensive clean-up operations and the expensive disposal of all the contaminated material. If not detected in time, unaffected metal may also become contaminated, with the final product output potentially becoming radioactive as well.

To reduce the extent of the health, environmental and economical effects radioactive material has on your scrap or waste disposal/recycling site, you need an extensive range of radiation detectors. Limit the extent of contamination at your site and the surrounding environment, whilst ensuring your staff are kept as safe as possible.

Worker at a scrap site

Prioritising worker safety with instant alerts

In the instance contaminated material arrives at the recycling or waste management plant, workers need to immediately be made aware. This ensures the appropriate action can be taken to reduce their exposure to radiation, and prevent the further contamination of others, equipment, machinery and other waste materials.

The D3M personal radiation detector with its superior sensitivity and ultra-low false alarm rate ensures workers are only disturbed from their duties in the face of a real radiological threat. Wearable and lightweight, workers won’t even notice the detector as it constantly monitors their surroundings throughout the entirety of their shift.

The D3S ID is also lightweight and wearable, with the addition of isotope identification. As a result, real-time in-field adjudication can occur with minimal training needed. Make taking the appropriate protective action possible within just seconds of detecting the shielded radioactive source, maximising safety on-site.

D£S ID detector and paired phone

With these compact, high-performance detectors, minimise the spread of contamination throughout your waste, recycling or scrap metal management site. Allow daily operations to continue with only minimal disruption.

The D3M and D3S ID can be easily adapted for use with conveyors, platform scales in dust collection or grapple monitoring.

Informing clean-up operations

After the alarm has initially been sounded, you need further categorisation of the contaminant by a higher resolution device. Ensure your next steps in clean-up and decontamination can be taken with confidence.

The ruggedised RayMon identification, analysis and reporting device lists all isotopes present. The user-friendly tablet incorporated is easy to use, and allows reports of any radiological incidents to be produced right on the device, including information such as date/time, isotope ID, GPS positioning, audio note, radiation spectra and more.

Pinpointing the exact location of a source

After the initial detection of a radioactive source, send in the D5 RIID to perform an in-field adjudication. With the high sensitivity of the D5 RIID in conjunction with localisation mode, the exact location of a heavily masked, shielded or mixed source can be pinpointed, for example, within a cargo container of scrap metal. This accurate detection and identification of a source(s) is possible at a safe distance with remote mode, whereby the operator can attain spectral results from a connected device at a safe distance.

Expand your field of view

Detectors positioned at all points of entry help prevent any contaminated materials from entering the processing site in the first place. PERM portal detectors constantly monitor the site they are stationed at, producing high quality spectra for any radioisotopes they detect from a oncoming vehicle.

With the PERM, D3M, D3S ID and/or D5 RIID all integrated into a alert network, responses can be coordinated site-wide or across multiple connected sites in a region, all from a central control room. Any contaminated material is rapidly identified and the appropriate action then taken to reduce the health risk to workers and minimise further contamination.

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