Your partner in CZT-based detection

We start at CZT crystal growth and end right at configurable and turnkey detection systems. Tap into any stage of our CZT production to get the radiation detection solution you need for your specific application

Kromek is the only commercial business to produce Cadmium Zinc Telluride (CZT) globally,

Starting with CZT crystal growth, we manage the process right down to the production of a complete ‘off the shelf’ radiation detection solution.

As a result, we can offer bespoke solutions optimised for your specific application.

It's an end to end process

Involved at every step

We know CZT like the back of our hand. Let us provide you with the exact CZT-based solution you need for your specific application.

Our end to end process of CZT production begins with high quality CZT ingots, grown in our very own furnaces. In response to your particular needs, we cut and shape these ingots into blanks of various thicknesses and geometries. If CZT crystals are all you need, we can stop there.

Further tailoring the CZT to your particular application, we create specific electrode patterns for the detector. With extensive simulations and flexibility in the standard configurations we produce, be assured your exact needs for a custom detector module or system will be met.

We bond the detector and integrate our own ASIC to compliment your own software, along with the rest of the detector electronics, to produce a fully-operational CZT detector module.

OEMs can then scale up these detector modules to complete arrays and fully operational detection systems. These can be tailored to a broad variety of Advanced Imaging applications, such as security and large and small field of view medical imaging.

CZT-based turnkey radiation detection devices also result from this end to end process. Optimised for Security & Defence as well as Civil Nuclear applications, these high resolution handheld and compact devices and systems are ready to implement, enhancing the quality of the spectral data needed in your field.

What CZT can do for you

There’s a reason we at Kromek focus so heavily on CZT.

Unlike other semiconductors and scintillator-based detection systems, CZT is functional at room temperature without the need for cooling, and operates via direct conversion. As a result from this, CZT has a high energy and spatial resolution, sensitivity and high efficiency, producing accurate spectroscopic data and high quality images for a variety of applications.

From customisable, metallised detector tiles to rapid and efficient complete radiation detectors, we’re enhancing your radiation detection and advanced imaging technology with CZT-based solutions.