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Kromek Group designs, develops, manufactures, markets and retails both hardware and software of CZT solid-state Radiation Detectors and Scintillation Radiation Detector components and products to OEM, Civil Nuclear, Security Sectors and Government Bodies across the globe.

Civil Nuclear Radiation Detection Products

Gamma radiation and Neutron detectors, high-specification, high-resolution devices, components and software to solve your nuclear detection problems.

Kromek’s Civil Nuclear product range is used globally for the detection, identification, and analysis of radiological sources. These industries range from power plants and waste management sites to university physics laboratories and research facilities.

Civil Nuclear Products

Security & Defence Products

Kromek’s Security & Defence portfolio ranges from personal, handheld, and wearable devices to static detectors at key locations and ROV or drone mounted systems. Our ready to deploy products address the needs of border protection, transport infrastructure security, hazmat response, defence, homeland security, and event protection.

D5 RIID on a Pelicase

Security & Defence Products

Advanced Imaging Products

From customisable, metallised detector tiles to linear arrays of detector modules, Kromek are enhancing advanced imaging technology globally with our Cadmium Zinc Telluride (CZT) based solutions in the Medical and Industry & security sectors.

Kromek DMatrix CZT based gamma ray imager unit

Advanced Imaging Products