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We make a range of civil nuclear radiation detection products, medical imaging products, CBRNE Homeland Security products and software products

Civil nuclear radiation detection products

Gamma radiation and neutron detectors, high-specification, high-resolution devices, components and software to solve your nuclear detection problems.
We have a huge range of types of radiation detectors for gamma-ray, x-ray and neutron detection. Our radiation detectors use cadmium zinc telluride (CZT) or scintillator technology, they are available as standalone out of the box products or components to allow you to build the radioisotope detectors you need.

Medical imaging products

Medical equipment manufacturers are using our CZT gamma detectors in a range of equipment for use in CT, SPECT, and Bone Mineral Densitometry (BMD, DEXA).

CBRNE Homeland Security products

CBRNE Homeland Security products and solutions for government, border control, airport and seaports, HazMat teams, ambulance crews, police, and armed forces. Thousands of our CBRNE devices are deployed around the globe. If you are on the front line in the fight against terrorism, our devices and systems give you a tactical advantage.

CZT imaging development platforms

The DMatrix and the EV3500 scalable x-ray CZT linear array have been designed for laboratory and research imaging. They allow you to cost-effectively research the use of CZT imaging in your equipment, either for medical imaging or detection applications like baggage scanning, production line scanning, etc.

The Kromek Team can advise on the set-up and development of any final product.

Gamma spectroscopy software

We offer a range of gamma spectroscopy software, specifically designed to work with Kromek detectors. The software offers specialised gamma-ray spectroscopy for analysis of complex samples.

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