Civil Nuclear

Built around our innovative and industry leading Cadmium Zinc Telluride (CZT) technology, our range of Civil Nuclear products are used by academics, scientists, industries, and research facilities, globally.

Kromek’s Civil Nuclear product range is used globally for the detection, identification, and analysis of radiological sources. These industries range from power plants and waste management sites to university physics laboratories and research facilities.

A pioneer in the production of CZT, we’re one of the only companies in the world to produce this material. CZT allows detectors to be smaller, improves accuracy and is more convenient to use, which in turn creates new ways for detectors to be used.

Radiation detector on Mount Everest

The most important element for us, is what you want to do. Working closely with our team of experts, we’ll support you throughout the buying process and beyond, ensuring you’ve chosen the right product for your task, as well as supporting you with electronics and software.

Whether you need to detect gamma, neutron or high energy X-rays, we have products that can meet these needs, software that can interpret the results and experts that can guide you through the entire process.

Written specifically for our range of detectors, there are three levels of spectral analysis software. K-Spect Analysis is our free entry-level gamma spectroscopy software. Powerful and feature-packed, this might be all you need. MultiSpect Analysis (MSA) has more features and can be used with multiple radiation detectors. MultiSpect Analysis Premium includes everything that MSA features plus Quantitative Analysis functionality which allows you to measure the radioactivity of any radionuclide with custom geometries.

View our City Map to see how our detection solutions are used in different applications.

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