SIGMA scintillator detectors

When you need a fast and light detector.

SIGMA a family of scintillator-based detectors

Our SIGMA range of scintillator products replaces conventional photomultiplier technology with state of the art SiPMs. These gamma-ray detectors offer up to 32.8 cm3 of detection volume, delivered in a package providing significant benefits in cost, size, weight, power consumption and temperature stability.

The SIGMA range interfaces directly with Kromek’s existing MultiSpect Analysis software platform.

Applications and features

  • Radiation Safety
  • Health Physics
  • Industrial and Medical
  • Homeland Security
  • Research Laboratories
size (mm)
size (mm)

Robust, small and light SIGMA units are perfect for use in the field and in the lab. Clients have flown them on drones, built them into large detector arrays and other devices. If you need speed of detection in a easy to use package this is what you need.

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