Photon Counting Spectral CT

Kromek ‘s CZT-based detector device solutions for Photon Counting CT

The next step in Computed Tomography

Computed Tomography (CT), the most widely deployed medical imaging modality in the world, has transformed patient care through its versatility and information rich images. Photon Counting CT (PC CT) is the next leapfrog development in this imaging modality with the key difference of energy resolving Cadmium Zinc Telluride (CZT) based detector technology.

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In Photon Counting CT, Kromek is your partner

Kromek is at the centre of this technology conversion, supporting medical imaging OEM’s with the mission critical CZT devices that enable PC CT scanners. As the only commercial manufacturer of CZT, we are unique in this ability. The company collaborates with key technology partners and industry system manufacturers to ensure the broadest adoption of this new and breakthrough imaging technology.


The future of Advanced Imaging

Conventional CT scanners provide a black-and-white image of the human body with relatively poor differentiation of soft tissue.  Complementary medical exams e.g. MRI scans are often required to confirm a diagnosis.  In contrast to conventional CT, Photon Counting CT systems quantify the energy of each individual photon.  As a result, much like we perceive different photon energy levels as different colours of light, PC CT enables clinicians to see X-ray images in full colour and with ultra-high resolution.  PC CT achieves this differentiation while decreasing patient exposure to radiation dose compared to conventional CT.  The additional contrast of PC CT images contains clinically highly relevant and new information which in-turn results in better patient outcomes and reduced cost of care.

While PC CT scans are used to better identify disease or injury of the body, in security screening, the improved image quality and 3D images of passenger bags and parcels will e.g. allow passengers to keep their luggage in their bag as they move through security checkpoints.


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