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MultiSpect Analysis gamma spectroscopy software – download page

MultiSpect Analysis gamma spectroscopy software is specifically designed to work with Kromek radiation detectors, especially with CZT-based gamma-ray detectors, MultiSpect Analysis and MultiSpect Analysis Premium offer specialised gamma spectroscopy for use by researchers, nuclear workers. and CBRNE Homeland Security professionals.

MultiSpect gamma spectroscopy software is designed for Kromek detectors but can be used with others

We make a variety of CZT-based and scintillator-based gamma-ray and neutron detectors. Our expertise is making radiation detectors that work at room temperature and that offer high-resolution in a small package, this makes them perfect for radioactive isotope identification in the field.

You can use both KSpect and MultiSpect with non-Kromek detector by using the Kromek K102 Multichannel analyser for gamma spectroscopy to connect them together.

You can also load .spe or n42 files from other sources.



What does MultiSpect Analysis gamma spectroscopy software offer?

MultiSpect Analysis

Designed to analyses the output from multiple radiation detectors

  • Spectral acquisition from multiple GR1, GR1-A, SIGMA or TN15
  • Energy calibration facility
  • Compatible with K102 Multichannel Analyser
  • Thumbnail indication of loaded spectra
  • Ability to save spectra in SPE, CSV or N42.42 formats
  • Ability to export data
  • Ability to save detector calibration information
  • Association of calibration data with particular detectors by serial number
  • Multiple regions of interest with spectra
  • Spectral acquisition from multiple detectors of the same type simultaneously
  • Display multiple detector information and more than 5 saved spectra
  • Display calibrated spectra at the same energy scales to allow comparison
  • Aggregation of multiple spectra into one spectrum
  • Built-in library of 416 isotopes
  • Industry standard categorisation of isotopes
  • Import from RayMon10
  • Automated peak analysis of spectra

MultiSpect Analysis Premium

Designed for quantitative analysis

All the MultiSpect Analysis features plus

  • Efficiency calibration
  • Quantitative analysis

Download your copy of MultiSpect Analysis and MultiSpect Analysis Premium

Use this form to download a copy of MultiSpect Analysis and Analysis Premium, the installer file is the same for both versions.

Once you submit the form we will send you an email with the download link to the installer zip file.

You will need your licence key to activate the software.

Thank you for using MultiSpect.

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