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Kromek’s off-the-shelf, high resolution radiation detectors, respective components and gamma spectroscopy software are a valuable asset to any science-based University syllabus or research project. With the majority being CZT-based, our detectors are instantly operational at room temperature in the lab or field.

Choose from a range of resolutions, dose rates, additional reporting capabilities, quantitative analysis and the ability to integrate into custom systems or with existing software. Whether it’s your first undergraduate or postgraduate project, the 50th project in your research department, your 100th class demonstration or you have some budget for an equipment upgrade, there’s something for you.

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Integration into Custom Systems for Research or Demonstrations

It’s been up Mount Everest, to Fukushima and in space; take the GR1 wherever you need to go.

The members of the CZT-based GR1 family can easily integrate into your own built devices or with the software that you need to complete your research. With a high resolution of <2.5% for distinct spectral peaks, a small size of 1cm3 and a USB output, the GR1 can produce detailed spectral analysis in the lab or field, on a drone or robot or as part of your custom system. If this resolution isn’t high enough, the GR1 + offers a resolution of < 2%, ensuring your results are as accurate as possible.

Why not take it a step further: need timing data as well as energy for your research or lab practicals? The GR1-A has three MCX connectors that provide energy and timing outputs as well as gate inputs. Student or research-led projects taking place in a high flux environment would also benefit from the GR05: a smaller detector with a max dose rate of 10mSv/hr.

GR1 radiation detector small and portable in a hand

Sometimes you just need to investigate gamma or neutron radiation in the lab or field in isolation. Look no further, our highly sensitive, non-CZT-based detectors do just that. These include:

  • CsI(TI) thallium-activated Caesium Iodide scintillator SIGMA 25 and 50 gamma detectors
  • TN15 thermal neutron detectors with efficient gamma rejection and a silicon photomultiplier

Like the GR1, they are small, operational at room temperature, compact and complete with a USB output, so can be just as easily integrated into your own devices, mounted onto drones or used as a standalone device.

Don't need a full detector solution? What about ASICs or Preamps?

Here at Kromek, we provide end-to-end solutions, manufacturing our detectors and their components from the ground up.

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Gamma Spectroscopy Software

Furthermore, the GR1 family, SIGMA range, TN15 and more all operate hand-in-hand with our beginner’s gamma spectroscopy software ‘KSpect’, free with any purchase of our compatible detectors. Students undergoing training or completing their first undergrad projects can complete in-depth spectral analysis with ease and confidence.

For more experienced users such as those completing postgraduate research, KSpect can be upgraded to our more advanced MultiSpect Analysis software ‘MSA’. Isotope ID can be attained in real-time with a user-configurable library of over 400 radionuclides. Therefore, no radionuclide is likely to remain unidentified in your sample or lost in the analysis. MSA Premium also enables quantitative analysis to be completed.

Both pieces of software allow for the storage and export of collected spectral data to include in reports and dissertations.

All-In-One Lab and Field Reporting

As a student, you’re still learning all about radiation detection, as well as how to correctly complete analysis and create reports. As a result, the equipment must be as simple to use as possible. Here’s your answer: students can be easily trained with the RayMon10, an all-in-one isotope identification and reporting device operational straight out of the box.

On the powerful tablet included, reports can be generated from the extensive library of radionuclides. Lots of additional applications are also available to aid report writing and data collection e.g. GPS, date and time, user ID, video, radiation spectra and isotope ID.

Even more advanced users with more specific research goals can benefit from the RayMon10 and its substantial reporting and analytical features. The RayMon10 is flexible in the environments it can operate in, with its high resolution, ruggedized build and stabilised performance. The latter negates any effects variations in normal operating conditions may have on isotope identification.

Watch the video to learn more about the spectral analysis and reporting features of the RayMon10!

When You Need to Quantify

You or your students are collecting samples of soil, building material, geological material, water, food or something else completely different. To quantify the levels of radioactivity present in point or distributed samples, you’ll need a Quant 4 RayMon10 or a Quant 4 GR1.

The Quant 4 RayMon10 shares the same qualities as the RayMon10, except with the addition of a radbeaker to allow for quantitative, volumetric analysis to be completed in the lab or field. Its pre-set efficiency calibrations using pre-calculated geometric fixtures allow for instant use out of the box without having to connect to any other devices first. As a result, like the RayMon10, it is suitable for use by undergraduate students or other beginners in the field.

Quant 4 RayMon with probe, tablet and beaker

With Custom Efficiency Calibrations

On the other hand, the Quant 4 GR1 is more suited to more expert users, such as University researchers, professors and postgraduate students. Custom efficiency calibrations can be generated with the beakers, fixtures and reference sources that are needed for your specific research goals. The Quant 4 GR1 also has a copper-lined lead shield to minimise the contribution of background radiation, ensuring your data remains accurate when conducting research in higher dose environments with mixed sources. Quantify the radioactivity of any radioactive sample with a count spectrum range of 4096 channels using the Quant 4 GR1 as a benchtop lab or to analyse samples quickly in the field.

Quant for GR1 is a gamma detector solution for mobile laboratory radionuclide analysis

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