Kromek's customisable configurations of detector tiles and linear arrays of detector modules ensure you meet your specific SPECT needs

Kromek’s SPECT solutions consist of customisable configurations of detector tiles as well as linear arrays of detector modules.

As a result, our CZT gamma detector systems can be assembled in both common and custom configurations to ensure your specific needs are met.

Detector Modules

Unlike the detector tiles, Kromek’s range of scalable detector modules have integrated electronics. Due to their ability pair with different ASICs and pixel geometries, they are ready for you to easily integrate in your specific SPECT application.

The modules can be scaled to meet the demands of various SPECT applications, forming detector arrays ranging in size from 4.4 cm x 4.4 cm to 40 cm x 53 cm.

With a small form factor, they can be positioned closer to the area of interest than other technologies. The benefits of this are of far-reaching potential. For instance, tumours nearer the chest wall can be observed  in molecular breast imaging whilst faster scanning and lower dose capabilities is facilitated for cardiac imaging, both improving patient outcomes. Furthermore, the small size of the detector modules also allows OEMs to develop more cost-effective systems of smaller sizes, lighter weights and smaller gantries.

SPECT CZT Detector Modules

Detector Tiles

Due to the fact that Kromek are one of the few companies globally to manufacture CZT, we offer bespoke CZT detector tiles with no integrated electronics any pixel pattern you need.

Our Low Flux tiles, optimised for SPECT applications, are cut 5-10mm thick with a 5mm thick pixel pitch.

Meanwhile, our High Flux tiles have a 2mm thick pixel pitch, more suited to Photon counting CT applications.

CZT-cadmium zinc telluride detectors

Comparing Kromek CZT detectors with conventional cameras for SPECT

Metric Scintillator camera Kromek HD-CZT gamma detector
Detector thickness 0.95 cm NaI 0.5-0.75 cm CZT
Useful field-of-view (UFOV) 39 cm x 53 cm Custom sizes up to 40 cm x 53 cm
Intrinsic spatial resolution 3.8 mm FWHM Gaussian 2.0 mm square pixels
Pixels per detector 14k with Gaussian overlap Up to 52k with no overlap
Energy resolution (FWHM at 140 keV) ≤ 9.6 % ≤ 4.0 %

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