Static Node D

The Kromek Static Node D is a Gamma and Neutron radiation detector designed for monitoring in a fixed location. The small static node can be easily deployed into a fixed location and hidden from view, providing unobtrusive detection and thus enabling protective measures.

Providing real-time detection from a fixed location, the Static Node D is equipped with the latest Gamma isotope identification and Neutron radiation detection equipment that enables provision of detection enabled protection. The networkable detector ensures all data is fed back to a centralised control room, where informed, strategic and timely decisions can be made by experts in radionuclide identification. Housed inside a discreet, opaque casing, a passer-by would see an everyday inconspicuous box with no user interface that could cause alarm or concern.

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The Static Node D is compatible with any Network through 3G/4G/5G, ethernet or Satellite communications. Using networkable web-based user interface, several units can be easily tracked displaying any threats in real-time in multiple locations on a map of a specific area at a remote and centralised location by trained experts in radionuclide identification.

Uninterrupted Power & Communications

The Static Node D has a robust communications via satellite to ensure a constant stream of data, even in the toughest of circumstances. It is either powered through mains power or connect to a portable battery pack and can store data for up to seven days even if the network connection is lost.

Field-Proven Technology

Housed inside the Static Node D is our field-proven, D3S ID radiation detection device. Its high dose sensor capability enables detection of up to 1 Sv/h, while its high sensitivity means it can rapidly identify low levels of radioactive material and potentially shielded or concealed sources.

Static Nodes positioned at border posts, bus stops, subway stations, surrounding airports and other key transport routes ensure the transportation of illicit radioactive material is easily tracked, and does not go any further than it has to. Real-time isotopic ID is delivered to a cloud-based monitoring system every second from each networked detector. Therefore, remote decision-makers are constantly well-informed of the situation at hand and as soon as a threat arises; immediate action can be taken anywhere in the target area.

The Kromek Static Node D is equipped with the latest in Gamma identification and Neutron detection equipment. Inside the Node, the spectroscopic detector identifies 22 more isotopes than the RIID standard: ANSI N42.34 and detects four times faster than the RIID standard. Should there be a break in or loss of communications, the integrated storage allows for up to 7 days’ worth of data to be collected, ensuring relevant and timely steps can be taken to get the Static Node back online. Whether it be mains powered or connected to a battery pack (with the added addition of Solar power to prolong the battery life), the Static Node scans the nearby area for potential radiological threats once every second.


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