Advanced Imaging

From customisable, metallised detector tiles to linear arrays of detector modules, Kromek are enhancing advanced imaging technology globally with our Cadmium Zinc Telluride (CZT) based solutions in the Medical and Industry & Security sectors.

In the Medical and Industrial & Security sectors, Kromek delivers CZT based detector solutions to OEMs, as well as global research and academic communities. We provide a variety of detectors for various modalities, ranging from customisable configurations of metallised detector tiles, and ‘plug and play’ detector modules, to linear arrays with full detection capabilities.

The end-to-end process sees Kromek grow, manufacture, and process our own CZT crystals, producing the high-quality semiconductor components and detector solutions you need for your specific application.

With Kromek’s innovations in Advanced Imaging, we’re heading towards a future of enhanced security and significantly better patient outcomes, ultimately leading to more lives being saved.

What's the latest in Kromek Advanced Imaging?