For a variety of medical applications, Kromek supplies OEMs with customisable or complete CZT based detection solutions to improve patient outcomes worldwide and ultimately make the world a healthier and safer place.

CZT Gamma camera solutions are rapidly progressing Advanced Imaging technologies in the medical sector. This semiconductor harbours the potential to make personalised medical care much more effective. This allows physicians to locate and identify diseases in their earlier stages, significantly improving global patient outcomes and, ultimately, saving lives.

At Kromek, we provide a range of full detector solutions and components for OEMs to integrate into their own medical imaging devices. Our CZT has a much higher energy resolution compared to other semiconductor materials and scintillation detectors on the market.

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As a result of our pioneering work and the use of CZT, the dose of radiation exposed to a patient and time taken to attain images can be significantly reduced, making medical procedures safer and more comfortable. With sharper images, any diagnoses made can be done so with higher confidence. Therefore, the patient’s condition and the next steps in their treatment can be better understood.

Furthermore, its small form factor allows the target area of the patient to be imaged at a closer range, further elevating the spatial and energy resolution of the image produced.

New more effective treatments can also be explored. For instance, the high energy resolution of CZT means different spectral energy levels can be more clearly distinguished, opening the doors to using multiple tracers in one examination.

Kromek make gamma detector for medical OEMs

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