A wearable, concealable Gamma and Neutron detector which puts the power of a RIID into a package the size of a Personal Radiation Detector (PRD). D3S ID is the new standard in portable radiation detectors.

The D3S ID is a powerful, wearable, unobtrusive and hands-free device which is continuously scanning for Gamma and Neutron radiation threats.

No one can see it in operation, or that you have found anything suspicious. You can go anywhere a terrorist could have gone and search areas quickly and efficiently. Unlike static or vehicle-mounted detectors, a person carrying a hidden detector is difficult to avoid and detect; literally, anyone could be carrying a D3S ID.

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Fast Detection

The D3S ID can find and identify a radioactive isotope in seconds. As it is always searching, operators will be notified immediately when a potential threat is detected, giving them accurate information to be able to make quicker and informed decisions.


The D3S ID is compatible with any network solution when paired with a specialised app on an Android phone. Using any network solution, multiple units can be easily tracked, displaying threats at multiple locations in real-time on the map of a specific area at a remote and centralised location allowing analysis by experts trained in radionuclide identification.

Easy To Use

Specifically designed for use by anyone, specialists and non-specialists alike, with minimal training required. The D3S ID can be used by staff across a wide variety of sectors, including armed forces, customs and border patrols, police, first-responders, at airports, event security and for environmental monitoring.

D3S ID is a powerful device with extended detection capabilities that enable safe monitoring in potentially high dose environments. It is a complete RIID packaged in a compact device the size of a smartphone yet has all the features needed for radiation detection.

The D3S ID has a simple user interface, with both visual and audio status updates and notifications. It records all detection information and can send the data through Reachback to a central command centre where quick and informed decisions can be made.

The detection algorithm provides substantial enhancements in the detection and identification of low activity shielded threats, masked threats and nuisance isotopes and has been extensively tested and characterised in multiple CWMD and DARPA programs.


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