Kromek Software

On this page, you will find device drivers and the other Kromek software used across our range of radiation detectors, medical cameras and other products

Kromek Software for our radiation detectors and other products

This page has links to Kromek software for our radiation detectors and other products.

D3S Software Updates

To download the DFU software and instructions please use this link
This software requires Microsoft .NET V4.5.

eV-3500 Software Package

(v48.3.23.0 – released 17 May 2017)

To download the Xubuntu software please use this link.

To download the Windows software please use this link.

D-Matrix Software Package

(v59.1.46.87 – released 13 March 2018)

To download the Linux software please use this link

To download the Windows software please use this link

RayMon Analysis Software

(v12.1.0.106 – released 14 January 2015) | To download the software please use this link

This software is specifically written for the RayMon10 handheld detector. After downloading, copy the .cab file to the top level of a USB memory stick. Unplug the detector on your RayMon and plug in the USB stick.

Within the RayMon software navigate to the ‘Dose Setup’ screen and from the ‘Options’ menu select ‘Software Upgrade’. For full upgrade instructions please consult your user manual. The user manual for the latest software version can be downloaded from the link at the top of this page.

New features in this release:

  • Enhanced Uranium and Plutonium identification
  • Ability to switch between US standard and SI units
  • Larger text for Isotope ID results
  • Improved data transfer rates to MultiSpect Analysis databases

Gamma Spectroscopy software

KSPECT gamma spectroscopy software

MultiSpect Analysis Standard and MultiSpect Analysis Premium

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