Static Nodes

Kromek's range of Static Node's have been designed, developed, tested and implemented into the city's, borders and remote outposts to ensure the above is enforced.

When it comes to protection from a radiological attack, it’s about being prepared, having the best equipment in the best place to ensure that timely decisions can be made to prevent a catastrophic incident that can affect infrastructure, the economy or human kind.

At Kromek, we’ve built an internationally renowned reputation within the Radiological Threat Detection Industry. For over 20 years, we’ve designed, developed, manufactured, and distributed products, systems, and solutions to make the world a safer and healthier place and the Static Node D and R are our two of our latest products.

Static Node D

Static Node D

The Kromek Static Node D is a Gamma and Neutron radiation detector designed for monitoring in a fixed location. The small static node can be easily deployed into a fixed location and hidden from view, providing unobtrusive detection and thus enabling protective measures.

Static Node R

Static Node R

Unattended easily deployable radiation monitoring via Satellite Communication. The Static Node R can be quickly and easily deployed anywhere, to monitor for illicit movement of radioactive materials.

Total Networkable Protection with Kromek's Static Node Range

The Static Node D and R are both compatible with DARPA’s SIGMA Network through 3G/4G/5G, ethernet or Satellite communications. Using SIGMA’s web-based user interface, several units can be easily tracked displaying any threats in real-time in multiple locations on a map of a specific area at a remote and centralised location by trained experts in radionuclide identification.

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