Quant GR1

Shielded container with GR1 CZT-based gamma radiation detector perfect for in-field and lab work

Shielded CZT gamma detector for use in the lab or in-field

High resolution gamma detector for use in raised backgrounds

Quant GR1 is a gamma detector solution for mobile laboratory radionuclide analysis. It is designed for measuring the activity of radionuclides in filters, filter papers, beakers of samples. It comes with an optimised and integrated lead/copper shield that enables operation in both standard and raised backgrounds.

The low power, small form factor, reliability, and no requirement for cooling, enable measurements of various configurations of samples, without the need for time-consuming transport back to an offsite laboratory.

The unit can be fitted with any of the GR1 family of CZT-based detectors. It provides less than 2% energy resolution, unmatched by conventional scintillator detector. This high-resolution performance enables clear separation of gamma energy peaks within complex mixed radionuclide samples for accurate quantification of individual radionuclides without the need for chemical separation.

Supplied with Kromek MultiSpect Analysis Premium

MultiSpect Analysis Premium data can be analysed at any time allowing real-time isotope ID. Files can be saved for reporting. Available with the detector configured for low or high-dose environments.


Shielded GR1 CZT-based gamma radiation detector perfect for in-field and lab work

Quant GR1 applications

  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Decommissioning
  • Waste Disposal
  • Food Inspection

Quant GR1 specifications

  • Detector Resolution: <2%
  • Energy Range: 30keV to 3MeV
  • Number of channels: 4096
  • Weight: 22kg
  • Power Consumption: Mains Powered
  • Dimensions: 300mm diameter x 210mm height
  • Lead/Copper Shield: 10mm/3mm
  • Number of selectable radionuclides as standard: 47
  • Counting Time: User Configurable

Rather than dragging potentially dangerous samples back to the lab you can now do the analysis you need in the field. Faster, safer for your staff and the public, better for the environment and more cost-effective

Find out more about the GR1 gamma-ray spectrometers

Download the Quant GR1 brochure

A PDF with the complete specifications for the Quant GR1.

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Comes with a dedicated analysis module

Quant GR1 comes with a dedicated quantitative activity analysis module built into the Kromek MultiSpect Analysis software package. This enables full spectrum visualisation, configurable radionuclides, sample geometry selection, and adjustable confidence levels.

The results are stored in a database that can be exported to CSV file format, and reports output to PDF.

Pre-defined sample types are:

  • Standard Maypack filter
  • Filter papers
  • Maypack charcoal
  • Efficiency optimised beaker filled with distributed material
Shielded container with GR1 CZT-based gamma radiation detector perfect for in-field and lab work

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