Wearable gamma radioisotope identifiers and neutron detectors

We have a range of wearable gamma radioisotope detectors and neutron detectors, ranging from simple PRD models to new generation RIIDs, operating in any controlled environment to harsh military missions.

Wearable radiation detectors for gamma isotope identification and neutron detection

Our wearable detectors range from small personal radiation detectors (PRDs) through to fully functional next generation, radioisotope identification detectors (RIIDs). Our range of radiation detectors are specifically made for use in the field, they are small enough to either be used single handed or body worn, but even though our detectors have a small form factor, each detector offers the sensitivity you need to do your job.

Our wearable detectors

D3M – The ultra-low false alarm rate PRD

It is a concealable gamma neutron PRD which puts the power of a RIID into a package the size of a PRD. It is the new standard in portable radiation detectors.

Wearable, unobtrusive and hands-free it is continuously scanning for radiation. The high sensitivity dual gamma neutron detector enables the detection of shielded special nuclear materials (SNM) or fissile materials.

No one can see it in operation, or that you have found anything suspicious. You can go anywhere a terrorist could have gone and search areas quickly and efficiently. Unlike static or vehicle-mounted detectors, a person carrying a hidden detector is tough to avoid and detect; literally, anyone could be carrying a D3M.

D3S ID portable gamma and neutron detector

The D3S ID was originally designed for security (CBRNe) applications but at its heart, it is a very easy to use, rugged gamma-ray and neutron detector that is designed to survive being carried around and lasts a full workday on one charge.

It offers easy to understand isotope identification (dose and isotope fingerprinting) as well as neutron detection – which means it can uncover even shielded radiation sources.

The user is told via the easy to read phone app screen what radioactive isotope has been found, the phone can even use its voice chip to announce the results. The detector is always scanning making it perfect for use when your attention is on other things and is light enough to be carried all day.

D5 RIID – High accuracy RIID

D5 RIID is a small, light, 3.5% resolution wearable RIID with an expansive radioisotope library and an ultra low false alarm rate. It continuously scans and accurately identifies radiological threats in real time, even in mixed source environments.

The D5 RIID:

  • Detects mixed, shielded and heavily masked configurations including special nuclear material
  • Quality spectral data for Reachback
  • Small, lightweight and easy to use
  • High accuracy dose measurement
  • Ultra low false alarm rate
  • Replaceable batteries
  • Multiple modes of configuration
  • App based training
  • Easy integration

Comparison of our wearable radiation detectors







Detects Radiation from Gamma Emitting Sources
Detects Radiation from Neutron Emitting Sources
Gamma Detector Material CsI(TI) CsI(TI) CLLBC
Gamma Resolution Less than 7% Less than 7% Less than 3.5%
Neutron Detector Material Non-3He (LiF:ZnS) Non-3He (LiF:ZnS) CLLBC
Display In built screen Smart phone interface In built screen
Performs Isotope ID  
Standards ANSI N42.32 ANSI N42.34 ANSI N42.34


Ingress Protection (IP) Rating IP65 IP53 IP67
Battery Internal rechargeable battery Internal rechargeable battery Internal rechargeable and 3 x AA replaceable batteries
Communications Options USB and Bluetooth USB and Bluetooth on device

Wi-Fi and cellular on smartphone

USB, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

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