New Generation RayMon With Interchangeable Probes

Kromek introduces the new generation RayMon and its interchangeable NaI, CZT and Alpha Beta Probes, our all-in-one solution for your radionuclide detection and analysis needs.

RayMon gamma spectrometer and NaI Probe scanner cannister for contamination

D5 RIID | The High Accuracy, Ruggedized, Handheld RIID

Detect, locate and identify a wide range of Radioisotopes, including mixed, shielded or heavily masked sources with the worlds smallest and lightest RIID.

Kromek's Alpha Beta Probe; Detecting Now

Durable, lightweight and flexible in its application, Kromek’s Alpha Beta Probe is a smart solution for reliable Alpha Beta radiation detection in nuclear security

Alpha Beta Probe

CZT | Gamma Detectors for SPECT Imaging

Let the professionals concentrate on their work whilst our fully configurable CZT Gamma Detector modules for OEM Medical Imaging Systems manages the Radiological detection.

Our goal is a simple one, to make the world a safer and healthier place; we’re striving to support the global effort in Radiological and Biological Threat detection and management, as well enhance the quality of Advanced Imaging for the medical and industrial sectors, through our evolved, innovative and field proven products and solutions.

Kromek Group designs, develops, manufactures and markets both hardware and software of CZT solid-state Radiation Detectors and Scintillation Radiation Detector components and products to OEM, Civil Nuclear, Security Sectors and Government Bodies across the globe.

CBRN Detection

Are you looking to protect your borders? Do you need Lab based detection? Maybe you need an aerial solution to cover a bigger area? Is your research requiring better Radiological data? Then look no further!

With the support of Kromek, ensure you and your teams are equipped with the most up to date Radiation Detection Products and Solutions.

Advanced Imaging

From completely customisable detector tiles to variable lengths of detector arrays, we have a wide range of solutions in radiation detection within the Medical and Industrial & Security sectors.

At Kromek, we can supply you as an OEM with fully operational detectors or their separate, individual components with or without integrated electronics, all with the capability to incorporate into your own custom devices.

CZT Manufacturing

As the only commercial business to produce Cadmium Zinc Telluride (CZT) globally, Kromek’s expertise lies within using CZT to make detectors that can help transform imaging and detection solutions.

CZT is a room temperature semiconductor that operates via direct conversion, significantly increasing the resolution and sensitivity of your detection and imaging solutions



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