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At Kromek, there’s something for everyone in nuclear industry:

  • Protect yourself and your colleagues with constant monitoring of dose rate and other spectral data
  • Accurately identify the radioisotopes across a variety of health physics applications
  • Complete sample analysis in the lab or at the site of collection with ease
  • Be prepared to take action quickly to effectively manage a nuclear incident

Cover all aspects of radiological safety, research and site monitoring across the whole site with Kromek’s nuclear safety equipment.

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Personal Protection

At any time, technicians, engineers and any other individuals working on site might be exposed to dangerous doses of radiation. If equipped with the small, lightweight and wearable D3M personal radiation detector, users would be quickly alerted via audio or haptic gamma and neutron alarms to any radioisotopes present. Take immediate action to keep yourself and others safe with the D3M’s constant surveillance and rapid detection.

Furthermore, with its ultra-low false alarm rate, only in the instance of a real threat are individuals disturbed from their daily duties.

When a nuclear incident occurs, specialist CBRN teams can extract data such as dose reconstruction overtime from the D3M’s spectral storage. This data can be used to accurately inform decontamination procedures and clean-ups following the event.

Watch the video for a quick summary on how the D3M could help keep you and your team safe 

Health Physics Applications

For routine or emergency contamination checks, the handheld RayMon10 and its CZT probe with 2%-2.5% FWHM @662 keV energy resolution accurately lists all radioisotopes present in a pipeline, on an individual or piece of equipment.  With the probe’s small size, it’s to easy manoeuvre to take measurements in difficult spaces. The RayMon10 is also simple to set up straight out the box, with no need for a computer or extra devices, as all spectral analysis takes place on the handheld, ruggedised tablet.

Furthermore, in less than two minutes, the RayMon10 delivers spectral analysis and isotopic ID to the user. As a result, the time the operator is exposed to the radioactive material while taking measurements is reduced. Like the Quant 4 RayMon10, isotope ID, spectral data, the time, date, user ID and other data metrics are all stored locally on the RayMon10 for easy reporting and record storage.

In the Face of Serious Contamination

Additionally, the CZT probe is optimal for measurements taken in higher activity environments. With no need for cooling at room temperature, stabilised detection and a high resolution, the RayMon10 ensures the spectral peaks produced are consistently distinct. Therefore, the correct procedures for decontamination or waste disposal can be implemented effectively, quickly and with confidence.

Emergency Response

Cover all angles in response to a nuclear incident to minimise contamination and keep those onsite and in the surrounding area safe.

The D3M’s networking ability allows remote decision-makers to view radiological data in near real-time from each individual D3M. As a result, doses of radioactivity can be monitored constantly, site-wide.

To map out radiation hotspots and actively track changes in radioactive material overtime, you need the AARM drone-borne solution. Monitor the situation and maintain control from a safe distance, with the knowledge of the specific affected areas and where or when it is safe to re-enter for clean-ups.

The Static Node R upscales the level of situational awareness to not only just around a single powerplant, but for multiple sites in a region. Real-time spectral data and isotopic ID from each detector is relayed to a cloud-based monitoring system. Therefore, remote decision-makers can initiate a context-specific emergency response to accidental or deliberate nuclear incidents in the appropriate time. Additionally, if mains power or 3G/4G/5G is lost or not available, the robust satellite communications and flexible battery options of the Static Node R ensure there are no interruptions to the data stream supplied to the cloud, no matter how remote the location.

A Static Node left outside an industrial building, ideal for nuclear emergency response

Be prepared like EDF Energy

As part of their emergency response plans, EDF Energy currently deploy our Quant 4 GR1s to the site of an incident in their Energy Environmental Survey vehicles, all across the UK.

For extensive analysis of the radionuclide mixture present, the Quant 4 GR1 mobile lab completes quantitative analysis of point or distributed sources directly on the site of the incident. Minimise any effect background radiation has on your data with copper-lined led shielding.

On and Offsite Sampling

Whether completing a decommissioning project, analysing environmental samples in the lab or at the site of collection, you need reliable, high-resolution detectors to identify and quantify the radionuclides present.

The Quant 4 RayMon10 with its intuitive analysis and reporting features allows you to identify and quantify the activity of any isotope in your point or distributed sample in the lab or field. Analyse isotopic data such as spectral and count data in minutes, and save it along with the report locally onto the device, without a need for a Bluetooth, WiFi or any other external connection. What’s more, don’t let bad weather skew your schedule! The ruggedised tablet connected to the detector probe and beaker can withstand even the roughest field conditions.

Raymon10 Quant

A Benchtop Lab

In addition to mobile analysis, the Quant 4 GR1 is also optimal for standard lab analysis, operating as a benchtop lab. Unlike the Quant 4 RayMon10, the Quant 4 GR1 enables you to conduct your own custom efficiency calibrations. With specifically selected reference sources, beakers and fixtures, measure the activity of any radioactive sample of your choosing e.g. if you’re looking for specific radioisotopes in byproduct build-ups or waste.

Complete your isotopic analysis with speed, ease and the metrics you need to measure using Kromek’s MultiSpect Analysis (MSA) gamma spectroscopy software, FREE with both the Quant 4 RayMon10 and Quant 4 GR1.

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