KSpect spectroscopy software

Free entry-level gamma-ray spectroscopy software

Free gamma spectroscopy software

Specifically designed to work with Kromek radiation detectors, especially with CZT-based gamma-ray detectors, KSpect free gamma spectroscopy software offers specialised gamma-ray spectroscopy for analysis of complex samples for radionuclides.

KSpect offers:

  • Spectral acquisition from single GR1, GR1-A, SIGMA or TN15
  • Energy calibration facility
  • Compatible with K102 Multichannel Analyser
  • Thumbnail indication of loaded spectra
  • Ability to save spectra in SPE, CSV or N42.42 formats
  • Ability to export data
  • Ability to save detector calibration information
  • Association of calibration data with particular detectors by serial number
  • Multiple regions of interest with spectra

KSpect is specifically designed for Kromek detectors

We make a variety of CZT-based and scintillator-based gamma-ray and neutron detectors. Our expertise is making radiation detectors that work at room temperature and that offer high-resolution in a small package, this makes them perfect for radioactive isotope identification in the field.

KSpect download KSpect_V24_3_243

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