Transforming medical imaging

4D spectral-spatial CZT gamma detectors create a step-change in the performance of diagnostic imaging systems including SPECT (molecular imaging), bone mineral densitometry (BMD, DEXA), surgical probes and colour photon-counting computed tomography (CT). The change is akin to moving from a black-and-white vacuum-tube television to a colour digital high-definition flat screen. Higher resolution means clearer, more detailed images which make the job of diagnosis easier, with higher accuracy and diagnostic confidence at earlier stages of heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis and, increasingly, dementia. The smaller size and weight of CZT detectors (compared to existing scintillator detectors) has created a market for more economical siting and improved portability of scanning equipment and new operating techniques, for example, lower tracer dose, faster scan times, earlier diagnosis and using multiple tracers in one examination.

The overall impact is increased patient safety and care, lower overall healthcare costs and increased efficiency in hospitals.

The Kromek Team is on hand to make sure your medical camera has the CZT and detector expertise it needs.

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Better cancer diagnosis

Transforming breast imaging outcomes

Using CZT for SPECT imaging of breast cancer is a reality. This makes the more accurate detection of cancer available to all women regardless of breast tissue type.


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