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Ensure you’re prepared to keep civilians, your team and yourself safe with instant, reliable radiological data from a range of Kromek’s networkable, handheld, mobile or static detectors.

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The addition of personal protection with no added weight

Everyday gear in search and rescue, the police or the fire service is heavy and bulky enough already.

Wearing a small, lightweight and discreet D3M personal radiation detector will alert any equipped first responder to the dose rate, accumulated dose and produce gamma and neutron alarms as soon as a radioactive source has been detected. Its high sensitivity and ultra-low false alarm rates guarantee first responders are only interrupted from their set task or everyday duties in the event of a real radiological threat, and can rapidly detect any radioactive sources on the scene with certainty.

Spectral storage also allows for the extraction of spectral files back at base. Specialist CBRN teams can interpret the results and deduce what sources were encountered on patrol.

Take it that one step further with the D3S ID; harbour the ability to both detect and identify any radioactive source at the incident with speed. With more context-specific radiological data, first responders can make the decision to enter the scene safely or not. Having their next moves informed by accurate spectral data, those on the scene can keep themselves and their team as safe as possible.

Furthermore, with rapid reachback, large-scale responses city-wide or in response to a natural or deliberate disaster can be coordinated from a distance. For real-time remote surveillance, the D3S can automatically transfer spectral data, via the Kromek ID app, instantly to remote decision-makers. With continuous monitoring, constant situational awareness is possible for those both on and off the scene.

In-field adjudication

Specialist CBRN teams deployed at the scene need in-depth, accurate spectral data to ensure the correct, context-specific action is taken in the face of a radiological or nuclear incident. The medium resolution D5 RIID, the smallest and lightest RIID on the market, can be quickly deployed from a vehicle arriving on the scene or as part of a first responder’s wearable gear, rapidly identifying and pinpointing the whereabouts of a radiological threat. Using localisation mode, the exact location of shielded sources are revealed, preventing any further escalation of the incident. No matter if the radioactive source is mixed or weak, or in a highly masked environment, the D5 RIID guarantees no radioactive source goes unnoticed on the job and allows experts to make informed decisions in the toughest of circumstances.

With rapid reachback and potential for the D5 RIID to be integrated into any existing network, situational awareness is propagated beyond those on-site; time-restrained decisions from centralised control rooms are made possible.


Safety first: stay at a distance, send in the D5 RIID

To maintain operator safety on-site in a particularly high-risk environment, deploy the D5 RIID ahead of any individual. The remote mode of the D5 RIID allows first responders or CBRN specialists to collect a variety of spectral data from a defined area or about a suspect package from a safe distance. The D5 RIID mounted on a UGV or deposited at a distance collects a variety of agnostic isotopic data which the operator can then analyse from a wired or wirelessly connected device. Reduce first responder exposure to the radioactive source(s) and minimise any further contamination.

Emergency Response Management

In the face of a natural disaster or other large-scale radiological incident, significant areas are likely to be affected, and need to be monitored overtime to inform the next steps in the response and recovery procedures.

The devastation left behind after an earthquake in Brussels, Belgium. Rubbles and buildings fallen down

The AARM drone-borne solution ensures everyone is informed in near real-time, even those situated remotely. By mapping out the location of hotspots, displaced sources and completing routine aerial surveys to collect a range of spectral data, planned response strategies can be modified and implemented effectively. The AARM operates through a range of communications, and it is possible  to transfer any spectral data collected directly to the handset or to those situated remotely via a cloud-hosted server. Alternatively, on-board data storage is also available.


Looking at the big picture from a single computer

There are lots of moving parts in emergency service responses. As a result, widespread responses must be coordinated, and constant monitoring possible from all angles. By establishing a monitoring network of connected detectors across cities, key infrastructure, regions or even an entire nation, those situated remotely in control rooms are primed to coordinate responses the instance an incident occurs. By integrating Kromek detectors into your existing alert system, collate data from each detector to facilitate constant monitoring and informed decision-making.

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