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An attack on a city or country can come from any direction, it can target any location, with the aim of injuring or causing destruction to as many people or industries as is possible. With millions of people crossing borders daily, entering through airports, seaports or via car, along with the vast quantities of cargo that crosses over borders, how do you go about securing those borders? How do you keep the people you serve safe?

The first step in this is to equip your teams with the latest technology to ensure the likes of dirty bombs, smuggling of radioactive substances and biological threats are found at source, dealt with, and prevented in causing destruction and harm.

If the perpetrator of an attack or a smuggler can see or find a radiation or biological threat detector, they can then easily avoid them. The key to protection is using various means of technology and surveillance to stop a perpetrator in their tracks, to fight the attack from the outset, to ensure the materials don’t enter the area.

Kromek’s range of radiological and biological threat detection products and solutions have been designed to enhance and support the teams at Border Crossings. With everything from small, discreet devices like the D3M, D5 RIID and D3S ID or larger units, such as our Static Node, Biological Threat Detection System or Drone based detectors, the products offer the ultimate shield.

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The wearable, unobtrusive, hands-free D3M, combines the detection capability of a PRD with a mode to collect RIID quality spectral data. An employee carrying this hidden detector is tough to avoid and detect, basically, anyone could be carrying a D3M, and you’ll not even know it. As perpetrators become more intuitive and the way in which they work becomes more intellectual with them trying to shield their sources, the entire D3 range, including our D3M is fitted with Neutron detectors to spot any potentially shielded threat, including special nuclear material.

The device is field proven, with an integrated SD card able to store over 10,000 spectral data files , it can then easily be transferred via USB or Bluetooth to a PC or laptop and sent for secondary adjudication, allowing for data to be analysed and any further, preventive steps taken. Kromek detectors can also be networked, meaning all data is sent instantly to a central source to give enhanced situational awareness.

One of the pioneering benefits of the D5 RIID that can be used throughout border controls, is the ability to use the device in Remote Mode. In this mode, it allows the user to take readings, including isotope identification, even when the device is at a distance. The D5’s size and weight, along with its high sensitivity, make it perfect for onehanded security operations and discreet monitoring within airports, seaports, and other critical border controls. A medium resolution of <4% also offers superior spectral data when compared with traditional NaI detectors, meaning you have the reliable information you need to make quick and tough decisions.

What is more normal than an individual carrying a phone around? You could be checking messages, making a call, looking at an App, but what you’re doing is checking the notification that you’ve just received via your earpiece or the tactile alarm that there’s a radiological threat in the vicinity. You don’t need to be an expert to handle this device, you don’t even need to be checking it all the time, with the devices always on mode, it allows you to be going about your duties and be informed when a threat is identified.

Whether your security at an airport, on border patrols across a state line, it’s your duty to make sure any cargo that enters a country is safe, the D3S ID is the product to help in this. Like the D3M and D5 RIID, the D3S’ quick deployment, training and usability makes it perfect for teams that are spread across a wider network and don’t have the time, budget, or resources for classroom training.

D£S ID detector and paired phone

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