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So you need to complete a widespread environmental survey, measure the radioactivity of a certain sample, or get the go ahead for a mining or infrastructure development project. Maybe you need to plan your next steps in decommissioning a powerplant, or in a large-scale clean-up operation.

All these environmental applications require high performance radiation detectors with reliable spectral data and rapid results. Keep operators and workers on-site safe and ensure all the next steps in your project or process are accurately informed with robust radiological data.

Mining site

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Aerial surveillance and radiological mapping

Surveying entire target sites, such as nuclear facilities or potential areas for mining rare earth materials is no easy task, and may lead to dangerous radiological exposure to anyone on-site.

Kromek’s AARM drone-borne solution allows a small team on-site to complete repeated aerial surveys and generate radiation maps of a large focal area, all the while at a safe distance. Sources of natural radiation or displaced sources can be detected, and any changes in radioactivity tracked and mapped overtime.

A variety of radiological data is collected and relayed to the operator and those situated remotely via rapid reachback, such as isotope ID, dose estimation, counts per second overtime and spectral energy. Any radiological data collected is further enhanced by the environmental data gathered by supporting sensors, including position fixing by multi GNSS, height above mean sea level, laser ranging for height above surface etc.

With the payload’s universal gimbal, attach it to any drone model you have in mind.

No radionuclides go unnoticed

In the instance you do not know what radionuclides are present at a site or in a sample, pick up a RayMon10: an all-in-one identification and reporting device operational straight out of the box. All radionuclides present are detected, listed and clearly distinguished in the spectral analysis displayed on the included tablet. The high detection efficiency of the high resolution, CZT-based GR1 probe ensures even the low natural activity of weak sources in your samples are detected.

If you’re taking radiological measurements in an environment where shifts in conditions are likely, the stabilized nature of the CZT probe ensures your results remain unaffected.

I don’t need an all-in-one reporting device, but I do need high resolution

If you still want high resolution detection but would prefer an individual detector to mount on a UGV/UAV or integrate into your own system, the GR1 is for you

Staying safe on site with personal protection

When working on a decommissioning site, mine or development site, there is a risk of coming into contact with potentially dangerous radioactive materials. To minimise exposure with instant, reliable alarms and constant monitoring throughout the shift, equip the D3M. This small, wearable personal radiation detector is an unnoticeable addition to everyday gear and equipment, but with a big role in keeping you and your colleagues safe on-site.

The D3S ID is equally as small and lightweight as the D3M, but with the additional capability of isotope identification. Always searching, as soon as a radioactive source has been detected, spectral alarms and data are relayed to the user via a connected mobile phone or earbud so immediate, context-specific action can be taken.

D£S ID detector and paired phone

Get accurate quantitative data

The Quant 4 GR1 and Quant 4 RayMon10 both allow for the radioactivity of radionuclide mixtures to be quantified. This can be completed for a range of point and distributed sources, such as waste, soil, water, building material, geological samples, food, air and more.

Using an extensive, pre-loaded library of radionuclides, quickly complete your spectral analysis right at the site of sample collection.

The Quant 4 GR1 can be further tailored to the specific needs of your project, with the opportunity for you to complete custom efficiency calibrations using your own beakers, fixtures and reference sources.

Quant for GR1 is a gamma detector solution for mobile laboratory radionuclide analysis

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