The AARM – Survey Large Areas Safely

Survey large areas without exposing your team to unforeseen radioactive sources with the AARM drone borne solution

Got a project in mind?

So you need to complete a widespread environmental survey, get the go ahead for a mining or infrastructure development project. Maybe you need to plan your next steps in decommissioning a powerplant, or in a large-scale clean-up operation.

To do this, you are going to need a large team. It’s a large area to survey, and there’s lots of radiological data to map and analyse. You need to know exactly what radioactive sources are present and where, to deal with them appropriately and inform your next steps. There’s no time to waste, you need the data as quick as possible to get your project in motion.

But how can you guarantee your team’s safety when you’re trying to investigate a hidden threat? They could be exposed to high levels of radiation at any time during the survey from displaced sources.

Solve all these problems at once with the AARM

Watch the 2 minute video below for a quick summary of how you could benefit from the AARM’s extensive capabilities

It’s time for your project to take off!

Let’s find the best drone borne solution for your needs and budget

Keep your team safe

Only a small team need to be in the field to operate the AARM, and they can be positioned a safe distance away from the target site. All isotope identification and radiological mapping data is delivered in real-time to the pilot’s handset and paired devices via a cellular network.

For even higher levels of data encryption, the AARM Lite pictured on the right operates without data hosting. Through one-to-one comms with an advanced radio link, no one can access your data.

You don’t have to be on site to be aware of the situation either. The AARM delivers rapid reachback to project leads or other decision-makers situated remotely. Keep everybody informed at all times, even about displaced sources.

Your target site is now safe to explore.

What types of data do you need?

The AARM with its range of compatible gamma neutron detectors and supporting sensors provides the range of radiological and environmental data you need to make context-specific decisions:

Radiological data:

  • Isotope ID
  • Counts per second overtime
  • Location of counts per second with identified hotspots of radiation
  • Dose estimation
  • Spectral energy data

(Image – Radiation map of Fukushima produced by the AARM)


radiation map from Kromek radiation detector drone

Environmental data:

  • Fixed position (latitude, and longitude)
  • GPS
  • Height above mean sea level
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Pressure
  • Exact time of measurement

(Image – 3D mapping of a radioactive soil storage site in Japan from 2 x 6 minute flights)

Sub metre resolution radiation map

Further tailor the AARM to your project needs by selecting any combination of the following detectors:

Now you can ensure the appropriate actions are taken to progress effectively with your project

GR1 gamma ray spectrometer


High gamma neutron resolution of <2.5% with highly distinguished gamma neutron spectral peaks


Instant gamma neutron isotopic identification with constant monitoring


Gamma detection and identification, operational even in higher dose environments


Neutron detection and identification with count data and excellent gamma rejection

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