Vehicle Mounted Radiation Detector

Equip your team with a Vehicle-mounted Radiation detector, providing them with the ability to covertly scan a wide area, follow suspects in a vehicle and quickly move detectors into an area of concern.

Our In-vehicle Mobile Radiation Detection and Source Identification System provides the ability to covertly scan a wide area, follow suspects in a vehicle and quickly move detectors into an area of concern.

Vehicle-mounted Gamma or Neutron detectors are part of a networked radiological threat protection solution typically mounted in a vehicle’s luggage space or on its load bed.

Different radioisotopes have different half-lives, which relates to how long it takes for half of the sample to decay. The intensity of radiation each radioisotope emits also varies, with potential for varying extents of harm to the environment and people, ranging from skin burns to cancer from long-term exposure. Whether accidentally lost or intentionally stolen, the radioactive material could also land comfortably in the wrong hands, with certain radioisotopes optimal for use in a dirty bomb, for instance.

Equipping your team with a Vehicle Mounted Radiation Detector allows for faster, more information decisions to be made facilitating the real-time detection of any changes in radioactivity across cities, regions, or even entire countries.


This system is developed by PSI

PSI Developed systems - Vehicle Mounted Radiation System

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Ultra-low False Alarm Rate

The Vehicle Mounted Detector has an ultra-low false alarm rate, more than six times better than the ANSI standard, which means less time wasted with nuisance false alarms that occur with some basic radiation detectors. It means the operator can trust the information the device is giving them because an alert is more likely to be the real thing.


The Vehicle Mounted Radiation Detector is compatible with any Network when paired with a specialised app. Using a networkable web-based user interface, multiple units can be easily tracked, displaying threats at multiple locations in real-time on the map of a specific area at a remote and centralised location allowing analysis by experts trained in radionuclide identification.

Cover a larger area, faster

With the Vehicle Mounted Detector, you’re able to cover a larger area, faster.  Minimising the risk and impact of radiation by enabling early and rapid detection of contamination and eliminates the potential exposure of monitoring teams.


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