SIGMA networked vehicle mounted gamma and neutron detectors

See and identify radiological threats. from inside your vehicle

Vehicle-mounted radiation detectors

Kromek offers and in-vehicle mobile radiation detection and source identification system. Vehicle mounted detectors provide the ability to covertly scan a wide area, follow suspects in a vehicle and quickly move detectors into an area of concern.

Vehicle-mounted gamma or neutron detectors are part of a networked radiological threat protection solution. Combined with large volume static detectors and wearable concealed detectors they can provide a location wide search and identification package. Typically these detectors are mounted in the car luggage space or truck bed.

A vehicle-mounted radiation detector typically uses a large volume detector crystal to provide fast alert and identification of gamma and neutron sources, with an in-cab display feeding this information to the vehicle crew.

Vehicle mounted radiation detector

Wearable detectors work hand-in-hand with vehicle units

Vehicle-mounted detectors can only go where a vehicle can travel so they have to be combined with the D3S NET wearable detector that can be carried by a person and go wherever a suspect can travel.

This allows for the pursuit of suspects on foot.

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