GRID Backpack

GRID is an advanced backpack with a radiation detection, identification, and source localisation system enclosed. The detector system is lightweight (4.9 kg), and fits in a small, inconspicuous backpack.

GRID was designed to enhance search efficiency and help operators quickly interdict a threat. Innovative algorithms fuse data from several detectors to generate real-time range and vector-to-source information displayed on an Android phone.

The system optimally integrates three commercially available Kromek D3S (CsI) detectors for excellent Gamma detection and angular coverage. The D3S also features a non-3He sensing element used for Neutron detection.

GRID enables the operator to interact with 2D maps and visualize cleared areas. For GPS-denied indoor search missions, the integrated stereoscopic camera is used for accurate tracking.

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The GRID Backpack is compatible any Network when paired with a specialised app on an Android phone. Using a Networked web-based user interface, multiple units can be easily tracked, displaying threats at multiple locations in real-time on the map of a specific area at a remote and centralised location allowing analysis by experts trained in radionuclide identification.

Ultra-low False Alarm Rate

The GRID Backpack has an ultra-low false alarm rate, more than six times better than the ANSI standard, which means less time wasted with nuisance false alarms that occur with some basic radiation detectors. It means the operator can trust the information the device is giving them because an alert is more likely to be the real thing.

Lightweight and discreet

Weighing only 4.9kg the GRID Backpack system is lightweight, wearable, and discreet. The GRID backpack is intuitive and easy to use with an Android phone user interface (UI) with audio/visual alarms

Integrated into the GRID Backpack is our D3S ID, a powerful device with extended detection capabilities that enable safe monitoring in potentially high dose environments. It is a complete RIID packaged in a compact device the size of a smartphone yet has all the features needed for radiation detection.

The D3S has a simple user interface, with both visual and audio status updates and notifications. It records all detection information and can send the data through Reachback to a central command centre where quick and informed decisions can be made.

The detection algorithm provides substantial enhancements in the detection and identification of low activity shielded threats, masked threats and nuisance isotopes and has been extensively tested and characterised in multiple CWMD and DARPA programs.

GRID Backpack


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