The RayMon is a powerful, handheld device for use in the field or the laboratory, it can quickly detect, measure and accurately identify Gamma emitting radionuclides.

The RayMon is a powerful and rugged handheld Gamma detector for high-resolution radioactive isotope identification. It can be used to detect, measure and accurately identify Gamma emitting radionuclides, providing high-resolution isotope identification using the latest Kromek developed CZT solid-state detector in its probe: the GR1. It is an all-in-one solution to your Gamma radionuclide identification needs.

The device can output a variety of reports including date/time, user handheld ID, photos, GPS positioning, radiation spectra and isotope identification.

Variations in normal operating conditions can often affect the performance of radio-isotope identification, however, the RayMon’s advanced one cubic centimetre CZT coplanar grid detector, provides more stable performance than scintillation-type detectors.

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Automatic Isotope Identification

After recording a spectrum, fully automated radionuclide identification, designed to meet ANSI N42.48, can be performed for a library of 18 commonly encountered radionuclides*.

“Unknown Radionuclide” is displayed if there is a radiation source present that cannot be identified. Results are clearly ranked for the user with the largest contributor at the top of the results table.

Identification can be performed on spectra from a single radionuclide, mixtures, and shielded radionuclides.

Spectrum analysis for advanced users

For advanced users RayMon contains a detailed library of the emission lines from 94 radionuclides. Libraries can be configured by the user for the radionuclides of most interest.

After a spectrum has been measured emission lines that pass a statistical critical limit test are highlighted to the user allowing the user to interpret the peaks in the spectrum.


RayMon provides accurate dose measurements to the user from both a simple front screen and as part of a gamma ray spectrum measurement. The user can choose between SI and US standard units.

The spectral data is analysed by a Kromek developed algorithm across all energies to give an accurate dose value without the operator having to change any calibration factors.

Quantitative Analysis with RayMon

The Quant 4 RayMon eliminates the need for lab-based intrusive sampling and radiochemical analysis in order to determine the classification of the material.

Quantitative activity analysis module provides the complete hardware and software package required for accurate measurements of specific radionuclides. The module is fully ruggedised for field use.

Accurate measurements of radionuclide activity can now be made in field with the RayMon using the Quant module.

Quant is simple to use for distributed or point sources. The beaker and sample collection tools provided allow either sample type to be accurately presented to the detector in seconds. Measurement time is determined by the required MDA and can be executed in minutes.


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