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Our goal is a simple one, to make the world a safer and healthier place

Innovating for over 20 years in the fields of Advanced Imaging and Detection, our team of experts are enhancing the quality of data and spectral images worldwide.

Across our UK and US sites, we design, manufacture and supply the hardware and software of cutting-edge detectors and their components to a wide variety of global customers, in a range of applications.


The team at Kromek's VIP Event London 2023

What is it that you need?

High resolution detection

With a small form factor for easy integration

Custom efficiency calibrations

Quantifying radioactivity right in the field or as a benchtop lab

Precise spectral analysis in the field

With distinct spectral peaks and report building capabilities

Gamma spectroscopy software with real-time isotopic ID

Integrating measurements from multiple detectors at once

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Your Detection solution

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Meet your radiation research goals today with our range of radiation detectors, detector components and spectroscopy software

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