Radiation detector and drone demo day


Benelux radiation detector and drone demo day

Two weeks ago PEO Radiation Technology our distributor for the Benelux countries hosted a Kromek demo at the DronePort campus, Sint Truiden in Belgium. The day was a huge success and allowed a lot of civil nuclear professionals, CBRNE and security expert to get hands-on with a full range of Kromek radiation detectors and UAV drones using our detectors.

You can see a video of the whole drone demo day at this link.

Radiations detectors for the civil nuclear sector

The radiation detectors on the drones provide a cost-effective, quicker and safe way to examine an area for radioactivity. Using the drones ability to fly the same pattern over and over you can compare results over time. And using rotary-drones ability to hover and get into tight spaces you can examine areas you might not want to send a human.

For a complete analysis once an area of interest has been found you can use the RayMon10 handheld, rugged gamma spectrometer to give you a breakdown of the isotopes found, you can even take a picture of the site and send a complete report of the area for further analysis. The RayMon10 gamma spectrometer is easily carried in one hand, it is designed for field work.

If you need to shield your samples then the GR1 Quant surrounds our GR1 gamma spectrometer with lead shielding. It is not something you want to carry around but the GR1 size and small power requirement (it takes its power from the USB connection to a laptop) means it is easily transportable in a vehicle.

GR1 Quant radiation detector

  Shielded container with in-built CZT-based gamma detector for accurate analysis of samples, in-field or in the lab

Wearable detectors for CBRNE radiological security

Visitors to the radiation detector and drone demo day also got a look at the speed of detection and accuracy of our D3S wearable gamma neutron detectors.

We had the two main models of the D3S on display:

  • D3S PRD
    Designed for first-line users, it is one of the most capable PRD and SPRD you will find. The D3S PRD can operate in two modes:

    • Search Mode: displays gamma dose and neutron count.
    • Search and Identification Mode: displays gamma dose, neutron count, isotope identification and classification.The D3S PRD can be transformed into a full D3S ID with full RIID capability with a simple over the air update to the smartphone app.
  • D3S ID
    Designed for the radiation specialist.
    The D3S ID has more features in the detection app than the D3S PRD. These features allow the user to enter confirmation mode to take a more detailed scan of the suspect item to produce a full confirmation and reachback report.

Angus De Villiers, Kromek’s aviation security sales manager, said:

“The event was fantastic and really well managed. The attendees were great and we already can’t wait for the next one”

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