New radiation mapping drone specification


New radiation mapping drone specification

Drone manufacturers regularly bring out new models and upgrade to their existing models. Our drone experts look at what is happening in the market to look for the UAV drone that works best with our radiation devices and software.

The Tarot 650 V2.1 UAV is our new drone

The TAROT comes with FPV System With Hex Herelink.

It features 20km range, high definition Action Camera, controller, FPV monitor & laptop ground station all in one easy to use device with a spare battery, spare propellers and travel case.

Tarot UAV radiation mapping drone

Tarot UAV radiation mapping drone


A note about drone models

Drone manufacturers often update their drone models. Our drone experts will pick the optimal drone for your needs at the time of purchase which may differ from the drones shown here and elsewhere on our website.

Tarot 650 V2.1 UAV technical specifications

An Outline of the Tarot 650 V2.1 Specs

  • Highly reliable/precise MRO Pixhawk flight controller & GPS
  • High-quality Samsung Li-Ion Batteries
  • Ability To Carry a Variety of different rad-mapping Payloads
  • 6 Month Warranty
  • 650mm x 650mm frame size
  • 1555 carbon fibre propellers
  • Max payload 1500 grammes
  • Max flight time 25 minutes
  • Operational wind speed is ~20-25 mph

Pixhawk flight controller for autonomous flight

With the Pixhawk flight controller system, the operator can program waypoints and flight plans into the drone before takeoff. The Pixhawk flight controller features manual flying modes, stabilise mode, and a (fail-safe function) return to home mode in addition to the autonomous mode. The drone can be piloted with the included controller when flying manually or via a laptop or tablet utilising the Mission Planner software when flying autonomously.

Easy to transport

The Tarot 650 features a foldable design, allowing it to be folded with ease in a matter of seconds. The design allows the landing gear to be folded away, and the arms to be folded inward to considerably reduce the size for easy transport.

Tarot UAV drone radiation mapping drone folded

Tarot UAV drone radiation mapping drone folded

Radiation detection distances

A UAV drone allows the operator to fly the drone at the optimal height to the radiation source.

If the radiation is very high on the ground, you fly higher to stop the detector saturating. The laser ranging system which automatically corrects the dose to 1m above the ground.

The drones typically use the Sigma CsI(Tl) thallium activated caesium iodide scintillator radiation detector and/or the GR1 CZT-based gamma-ray detector spectrometer.

The drone can also be fitted with a TN15 thermal neutron detector.


GR1 radiation detector small and portable in a hand

GR1 radiation detector small and portable all it needs it a laptop running our gamma spectroscopy software


Want to know more about our radiation mapping drones

The Kromek UAV radiation mapping drone offers an accurate, affordable and versatile low-altitude aerial radiation detection vehicle which is an out of the box solution for anyone that needs to examine an area or patrol a location for radiation levels or contamination. The system gives you real-time location, measurement and mapping of radioactivity with isotope identification, find out more here.




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