Looking for a career in physics?


Carving out a career in physics

Kromek has a large team of physics graduates from BSc to PhDs. We also host students at all levels of qualification to give them work experience or other valuable skills. The team have some useful advice for anyone looking for a career in physics.

Our physics teams on both sides of the Atlantic work on technologies and solutions that have real-world impact, helping to take a product from the drawing board to deployment in the field.

Sometimes that involves using things they find in fields.

Sheep skull subject for medical scanner

Sheep skull subject for medical scanner

What advice would we give to someone looking for a career in physics

Recently we asked some of our physics team what advice they would give someone looking for a career in physics, this is what they said:

Dr Tom Jubb, radiation physicist

“My advice to anybody wanting a career in physics is to make sure you focus your learning in core areas which you will use day in and day out. Learn about coding and programming; pick a language and learn it well and use it to store, sort, measure and analyse data (I recommend Python for beginners or C++ for more experienced coders). If you want to develop your coding skills look at software development topics. Statistics is a welcome skill for any physics job. Data science and in particular machine learning are rapidly growing fields and these ideas are almost always applied to powerful effect in research.”
Read more of Tom’s advice to anyone looking for a career in physics here…


Dr Alexander Cherlin, principal physicist

“One of the most valuable things which will help you to stand out is the diversity of knowledge. Try to gain knowledge and experience in a few areas in such a way that you would be able to offer a potential pathway to the end goal basing on your own efforts only. Potential employers appreciate such people very highly and would be ready to make extra steps towards you and overlook other things which otherwise might be seen as insurmountable roadblocks.”
Read more of Alex’s advice here…


You can read more advice on our careers in physics page.

Our current vacancies that are suitable for physics graduates

We have several vacancies that would suit someone who is looking for a career in physics.

Product Manager – Medical

Zelienople, PA, USA
The successful product manager will establish and execute best practices and processes related to product management to achieve a market-leading OEM supplier position in CT, SPECT and BMD segments. The position will require extensive exposure to external stakeholders including technology development partners, key customers and end-users as well as internal parties including new product development, operations and commercial personnel as well as extensive visibility at the executive management level.
The person is likely to have a degree in physics, chemistry or engineering as their initial qualification.
Product Manager – Medical vacancy.

Application Physicist

Sedgefield, County Durham, UK
We are currently recruiting for an application physicist to join our x-ray security team. The successful candidate will be an open, strong communicator, focused on finding the best solutions to real-world problems by applying mathematics and physics knowledge in a software approach to a physical problem.
We are looking for someone who has BSc/MSc in physical sciences or mathematics (essential) and possibly PhD in physical sciences or mathematics (desirable).
Application physicist vacancy.

Nuclear Products Owner

Sedgefield, County Durham, UK
Kromek is looking for a Product Owner to join its team in Sedgefield. The successful candidate will oversee some of the world’s leading nuclear products. You will have technical ownership of the Kromek nuclear product range.
We are looking for someone who has a technical degree (First or Upper Second Class) in physics/engineering or other physical sciences.
Nuclear Products Owner vacancy.

Technical Project Manager

Sedgefield, County Durham, UK
We have an opportunity for a Technical Project Manager to join our team in Sedgefield, County Durham. Our product portfolio is growing fast with significant new product and market opportunities for these disruptive technology products. The role would be shaping and moulding the future applications of radiation detection technology.
Having a degree in physics would make you an ideal candidate for this role, you’ll also need a minimum of five years in a project management role.
Technical Project Manager vacancy.

Lots more vacancies

See all our current vacancies across all teams and locations on our Careers page.

Or get more advice from

Institute of Physics in the UK has a page on physics career directions:–postgrad/your-future/page_64487.html

The American Physical Society:

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