Security & Policing Home Office Event 2020


Kromek are at the Security & Policing Home Office Event (Booth D105) on 3rd – 5th March 2020

We will be exhibiting our D3 range of handheld/wearable detectors and may even have some new yet to released products on show.

Our CBRNE experts will be at on the booth to show and discuss our complete area nuclear threat detection solution, covering large static radiations detectors to small handheld detectors that can swamp an area with many covert radiation detectors.


See the latest in nuclear threat detection equipment

Our CBRNE experts at the Security & Policing Show will be demonstrating our D3 range of handheld nuclear threat detection devices as well as running a demonstration of the D3S NET (SIGMA Network) networked handheld radiation detectors.

The D3S NET forms part of a total nuclear threat protection solution. The SIGMA Network allows many kinds of radiation detectors to be networked together, providing a holistic view of the situation in the whole area.

Total networked nuclear threat detection read more here


You can see find out more about the event on our Event page as well as booking some time with our CBRN experts on our booth.

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