Total networked radiological protection

The radiation detectors you need networked together

Protecting a large area from radiological threats

The SIGMA Network, developed as a US DHS/DARPA program, is a comprehensive radiation reporting network providing a way to link a wide variety of radiation detectors together harnessing the power of the network.

See all your radiation detectors in one place

Imagine a control room screen where you can see the location, movement, radiation readings and alert status of every radiation detector deployed in a city. From large static radiation detectors to small handhelds they all appear on the control screen giving you a total view of the radiation levels and activity on your area.

SIGMA provides

  • cost-effective, continuous radiation reporting from radiation detectors that are part of the network.
  • a system that can cover cities, places of special interest or whole regions.
  • real-time radiation mapping with alerts.

SIGMA Network now operating

The SIGMA Network has been successfully deployed in cities and with security forces in varying operations: urban, tactical and event-based scenarios.

The data collected is securely stored in a D3S NET cloud system, hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS). The control screen is accessible through a secure web portal meaning that you can access the data from any internet-connected computer, this makes it perfect for rapid deployment in the field.

Sigma Network radiation alerts screen

Radiation detectors for every situation

The radiation detectors you need

Harness the power of the SIGMA Network and Kromek radiation detectors to protect a city, border or critical infrastructure.
Kromek can supply all the detectors you need all ready to be plugged into the SIGMA Network.

D3S radiation detectors can turn anyone into a covert radiation detector

Wearable radiation detectors

The D3S NETs location, alert status and radiation reading are connected to the SIGMA Network and are all relayed back to a central command screen.

Vehicle mounted radiation detector

In vehicle radiation detectors

Larger radiation detectors that can be mounted in vehicles. Data is connected to the SIGMA Network to provide a complete view of radiological alerts in the area.


Large static portal style detectors

Large size radiation detectors designed for transport hubs, roadways, border crossings and other areas of high volume traffic. Data is connected to the SIGMA Network.

Radiation detector nodes

Discreet static radiation detectors designed to be moved to areas that need extra protection. Data is connected to the SIGMA Network to provide a complete view of radiological alerts in the area.

Drone with Kromek radiation detector

D3S Drone

Fly above the crowds the D3S Drone radiation detector is designed for gamma and neutron activity mapping from the air. The drone allows a large area to be scanned quickly, with the ability to fly the drone close to an area of interest for more detailed measurements.

The modern way to protect you location, city or region from radiological terrorism

The modern way to protect a location from a radiological attack (for example a radiological dispersal device also known as a dirty bomb) or to protect against the smuggling of nuclear material is to have an always-on, ubiquitous radiation detection and alerts system in place, networked to allow each detectors data to be shared with a central control room.

Imagine if all the traffic cameras in a city broadcast to separate screens each in a different room, no one could see all the screens in one place. This is the current state of radiation protection, lots of different types of detectors reporting their findings locally and no-one looking at the bigger picture.

Using the SIGMA Network, multiple Kromek detectors of different types can be networked together to provide a complete radiological map and alert system across a large area, including the D3S NET wearable detectors that can go anywhere a terrorist can lurk.

D3S NET web screen zoomed in

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