D3S radiation detector in Popular Mechanics


D3S radiation detector in Popular Mechanics

Dan Dubno from Popular Mechanics sat down with the D3S gamma neutron detector to learn how it can protect people from radiological terrorism and the smuggling of nuclear material. Dan even takes it with him on his daily commute.

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Dan was looking at the D3S NET

The radiation detector in Popular Mechanics was the D3S NET this was developed by Kromek to meet the exacting standards set by DARPA and is the only wearable detectors rated for the SIGMA Network. Read the full story of how the device was developed in our User Story section:

The SIGMA Network

This is how DARPA describes the SIGMA Network taken from DARPA: The SIGMA program aims to revolutionize detection and deterrent capabilities for countering nuclear terrorism. The desire for significantly lower-cost and more capable radiation detectors is a common element of multiple detection concepts-of-operations (CONOPs). A key component of SIGMA thus involves developing novel approaches to achieve low-cost, high-efficiency, packaged radiation detectors with spectroscopic gamma and neutron sensing capability. The program will seek to leverage existing infrastructure to help enable these next-generation detectors and their deployment in order to demonstrate game-changing detection and deterrent systems.

The SIGMA Network is being expanded

The SIGMA+ program aims to expand SIGMA’s advanced capability to detect illicit radioactive and nuclear materials by developing new sensors and networks that would alert authorities to chemical, biological, and explosives threats as well.

Kromek is working with DARPA on the biological threat detection solutions.

See the D3S in action here

This video shows the D3S ID the standalone version of the D3S in action. Scroll down to see the D3S NET the full SIGMA Networked version of the device in operation.

D3S ID unboxing and isotope detection

D3S NET in operation

The D3S NET is the SIGMA Networked version of the unit. Its data can be shared on a secure server with other SIGMA capable radiation detectors.


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