The D3S NET can turn anyone into a radiation detector to provide a radiation map of an area and combine this data from static, in vehicle, portable and wearable detectors to provide full radiological protection to a city, event, critical infrastructure or other location.

The D3S NET radiation detector is a fast and accurate radioisotope identification device (RIID) for Gamma emitting isotope identification and Neutron detection. The data collected by this radiation detector is not only shown to the user via the mobile phone app (on the phone that comes with the detector) but also sent to a central control screen showing data from every enabled detector on the network. The D3S NET detector unit houses larger detectors that provide identification of isotopes in seconds, alerting the user and your command centre of Gamma isotope source, dose and any Neutron detection.

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Cloud Based System

D3S NET consists of D3S detector, Kromek ID app and any network solution. The data collected is stored in the D3S NET cloud system, hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and provides analysis and visualization for a large network of detectors. Other detectors can be added and viewed on the platform.

Fast Deployment

It takes less than a minute to deploy: take it out of the box, switch it on, put the sensor on your belt, the phone in your pocket, and you and it are ready to operate. Sending a team into the field creates the ultimate wide area network which can be controlled from anywhere.

Easy To Use

Specifically designed for use by anyone, specialists and non-specialists alike, with minimal training required. The detectors can be used by staff across a wide variety of sectors, including: defence, customs and border patrols, police, first-responders, at airports, event security and environmental monitoring.

D3S NET collects data which is fed into the any network solution, it can be used on its own or combined with multiple detectors. The command centre will see a map of the area under surveillance and will be notified of any radiation threats. With better real time data, they are able to make more informed decisions and advise the team on the ground what to do next quickly.


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