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D3S ID gamma neutron detector in Uncrate

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Uncrate has picked up a very old version of the app (in fact it looks like one of the earliest). The app has been extensively redesigned since them, see below for the new screen.

D3S ID wearable RIID

D3S ID wearable gamma neutron RIID detector and phone app

D3S versions

The D3S now comes in three versions, all capable of operating in high dose environments:

  1. D3S PRD personal radiation detector – for people that just need to search for and identify radioactively isotopes. It has the confirmation mode, reachback and reporting capabilities disabled. Other than this version has all the same fast detection, isotope identification and high dose environment capability of the full D3S ID.
  2. D3S ID wearable RIID – this is the full search, identify, confirm, reachback and report version of the app. In fact all it takes to turn the D3S PRD in the D3S ID is an app upgrade on the phone. The gamma and neutron detectors are the same.
  3. D3S NET networked gamma neutron detector – this is the version of the device that uses the SIGMA Network to connect the D3S into a network of other radiation detectors to bring the power of the network to radiological protection, you can read more about why networked radiological protection is so powerful here.

You can see all the versions of the D3S side-by-side on our website.

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