Discover the world’s smallest gamma-ray spectrometer

The GR1 can be used across all gamma radiation detection needs either straight out of the box or built into your own devices. The highest resolution room temperature gamma-ray spectrometers can be mounted side by side in an array to give you coverage of a large area.

Using a GR1 detector with our MultiSpect analysis software, provides a powerful platform to perform radionuclide identification in a variety of industrial and health physics applications as well.

These portable tools can also be utilised for educational purposes in teaching concepts of radiation, as well as for training in the use of radiation sensors.

GR1 in use in lab

Some example research applications of the GR1 range:

  • Particle-gamma coincidence measurements
  • Gamma-gamma coincidence measurements
  • Pulse-shape analysis

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See below examples of customers using the GR1 in different environments:

Using the GR1 to measure radiation levels at Fukushima

Environmental Radioactivity Measurement in High–Dose Rate Areas

Radiation detector on Mount Everest

Need an entry level gamma-ray spectrometer instead?

The RadAngel is an affordable CZT-based gamma-ray spectrometer.