Room temperature thermal neutron detectors

High sensitivity, small size without the need for cooling

Small, light and sensitive

Kromek neutron radiation detectors

We make a range of neutron radiation detectors that are lightweight, portable, highly-sensitive and require no cooling.

Having neutron radiation detectors that work at room temperature means that they are much easier to use and transport and generally easier and cheaper to look after than large helium cooled detectors. The size, shape and power requirements of our detectors open up new ways and opportunities to take neutron measurements in civil nuclear, Homeland Security and research applications.

TN15 thermal neutron detector

Our best neutron detector for general use

The TN15 high sensitivity thermal neutron detector utilizes a state-of-the-art silicon photomultiplier (SiPM) and offers world-leading specification in a compact form. The TN15 surpasses the performance of a 100mm long 13mmHe tube at 4 atmospheres.

  • No cooling needed operates at room temperature.
  • Built-in preamplifier and pulse discrimination.
  • Built-in HV supply.
  • PC connection via mini-USB.
  • Unit powered by mini-USB.
TN15 thermal neutron detector in hand

D3S ID robust handheld gamma and neutron detector

Robust neutron detector combined with mobile app readout

The D3S ID is a stand-alone system originally designed as a quickly deployable Homeland Security CBRNE detector. The unit houses a gamma radioisotope detector and a neutron detector. It uses the same technology as our TN15 neutron detector.

The built-in easy to use detector app allows the unit to be used with minimal training.

D3S PRD handheld radiation detector

Airborne neutron detectors

Kromek radiation mapping drones

The TN15 can be fitted into the payload bay of the Kromek UAV system.

This allows you to take neutron measurements over a wide area while keeping your staff clear of exposure. The measurements are shown on a 3D map of the area you have flown over making it easy to pinpoint and find the areas of interest.


Drone with Kromek radiation detector

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