LEADER – Liquid Explosive Detection Algorithm

Keeping people safe from the threat of liquid explosives

Detection algorithm for Type C systems

Liquid explosive detection algorithm

Kromek LEADER Algorithm
The Kromek LEADER liquid explosive detection algorithm (Liquid Explosive Algorithm Delivering Enhanced Recognition) is a non-disruptive background task that utilises existing equipment routines to identify when bottles are presented to an OEM system for screening. It then applies image recognition sub-routines against a set of pre-programmed variables to determine if the liquid is a potential threat or benign.

System integration
The algorithm is easily integrated into existing systems and Kromek can assist where necessary in this process. The algorithm is thereafter licenced on a per installation basis or against other mutually acceptable licensing provisions.

Expert in liquid explosive detection
Kromek has a long history of materials identification techniques and enhancements for a number of different market sectors and applications including Liquid Explosive Detection.

Kromek’s Identifier bottle scanner was accredited in the first round of ECAC testing with a Type B Standard 2. The product has since been the subject of continuous improvement delivering POD and FAR improvements resulting in ECAC Type B Standard 3 certification.

Liquid explosive detection algorithm features

  • Sub 5% ECAC False Alarm Rate on full Ventress 500 test set
  • >85% Probability Of Detection
  • Improved materials identification capabilities
  • Suitable for use with any dual energy, dual view system
  • Performance enhancing add-on for type C systems
  • Multispectral upgrade path for further performance improvements

Liquid explosive detection applications

  • Designed for use by OEMs
  • Airport and other transport security screening
  • Screening at sporting and other events where liquids are carried
  • Political rallies and related events

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