Liquid explosive detector

Non-invasive liquid explosive detector that can detect liquid explosives and their precursors

Detect liquid explosives fast and accurately

Liquid explosive detector

A liquid explosive detector systems approved by the UK Department for Transport for use in aviation security.

A liquid explosive is easy to pass off as something harmless. The Kromek liquid explosive detector makes it easy to screen any liquid while keeping the packaging and the bottle intact and sealed.

ECAC approved to the highest European performance standard, Type B Standard 3, the Kromek Identifier liquid explosive detector is an easy to use, fast, reliable and cost-effective system for screening liquids, aerosols and gels (LAGs) in all types of containers presented at airport transit and any other central checkpoints.

The Identifier liquid explosive detector is specifically configured to identify the presence of hazardous liquids (explosives, precursors and component parts), aerosols and gels in sealed containers between 100ml and 2000ml. Threats are measured against a secure, customer-specified database, which can be easily upgraded as new threats emerge.

The system was developed to meet the specific challenges for the aviation security market and ports of entry and exit to identify the presence of hazardous materials within containers. The Identifier can also be used for specific threat screening for facilities, buildings, perimeters and events.

liquid explosive detector

Liquid explosive detector features

  • Scans ALL container TYPES and ALL container SHAPES
  • ECAC approved Type B standard 3
  • Simple single button operation
  • ~10 second scan time
  • Simple PASS / FAIL result
  • Low false alarm rate (FAR)
  • Deployed and operationally proven
  • Scans partially filled containers
  • Easy to deploy, simple to use
  • Networkable
  • Fast operator training time
  • No consumable items, highly reliable

Liquid explosive detector applications

  • Airport and other transport security screening
  • Screening at sporting and other events where liquids are carried
  • Political rallies and related events
  • Pop concerts, festivals and other cultural events

See the Identifier in action

“It is a reliable machine, there have been no negatives to its use. We still have the dip-kits as a back-up but looking back on the way we used to do things before the Kromek Identifier it seems very old-fashioned now, it was like going to a New World. Passengers realise the need to do this testing but that doesn’t stop some complaints about the inconvenience. It certainly helps that the Identifier is so quick and non-invasive.”

Head of Airport Security

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