New D3S phone app makes it easier to see nuclear danger


A brighter clearer spectroscopic phone app for our premier CBRNe radiation detector

The new D3S app

The radiation phone app that comes with our D3S ID our wearable RIID for CBRNe professionals, first responders, armed forces and border patrols, has been redesigned to make it easier to use and clearer to see what is going on. The original app had a somewhat “scientific” appearance with a large dose time graph, small areas for the alerts and all the app functions on the page at once.

We have spent the last few months redesigning the app to give it a modern look and feel that uses the space available on the screen to present the important things first and uses white space around items to draw the eyes to the facts.



Clearer gamma and neutron dose

The centre of the screen now shows the gamma dose rate and neutron count. Easy to see and easy to understand.

Larger and clearer isotope identification alert pop-ups

Larger, attention-grabbing pop-up alerts. Once a source is identified the alert is shown in a box at the top of the screen. The box shows the isotope detected and its classification. The alert box shows you how many alerts you have and allows you to swipe through them if the detector has identified more than 1 isotope. The phone still vibrates and announces the alert and isotope, but now is much easier to turn off with one click on the main menu (top left).

The alert box also prompts the user to move to confirmation mode. Confirmation mode is one click away.

Time graph showing alerts and count rate when you need it

A time graph is available, showing the count rate trends of the last 5 minutes of the search mode scan. This can be hidden until you want to see it by using the yellow swipe bar at the bottom of the screen. Highlights and spikes in the graph clearly indicate a radioactive source detection. The icon indicates the classification of the identified source, which can be clicked to reveal additional details of the identification.

A list of past alerts also available

The clock icon to the left of SEARCH allows the user to see a list of past alert history, showing up to 100 most recent alerts, of which 50 can be from Confirmation Mode scan result.

Dark mode ready

The app screen can now be switched to a dark mode which some users prefer rather than a bright white screen. It also makes the screen more discreet when used at night as well as reducing phone battery consumption.

Battery and connectivity always available

The status of the D3S detector unit is more visible and easier to understand. The icons in the bottom right show detector battery status and that the two devices are connected.

Help when using conformation and reachback mode

Confirmation mode is much easier to use. It now gives the user help to get the best scan available, with a bar showing if the detector should be moved closer to the source as well as instructions on the confirmation scan process.

Reachback is even slicker with an on-screen checklist that walks the user through the process, prompting them for measurement of the suspect item, background measurement and site photo. The user can also type any other relevant information in the report and with one click select to share the report for adjudication.

Want to see a demo of the new D3S app in action

Email your details (name, organisation, country) to and we will arrange a demonstration.

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