Kromek to showcase new AARM system via webinar


Kromek (AIM: KMK), a worldwide supplier of detection technology focusing on the medical, security screening and nuclear markets, will be showcasing its latest drone solution via webinar at 1pm BST tomorrow. The webinar, which will be hosted by Eve Paylor, Product Manager, who will provide an overview of the new AARM system, discuss key features an applications, and include a Q&A session.

The AARM system locates, measures and maps radioactivity in real-time, significantly speeding and improving the efficiency of radiation detection. It is comprised of ImiTec’s Remote Isotopic Analysis System™ (RIAS™) that is based on Kromek’s lightweight gamma spectrometer. The RIAS, which is mounted on a Small Unmanned Aircraft System (SUAS), contains positioning devices utilising custom-built software to combine radiation intensity and geolocation data to produce high-resolution mapping of radiation levels and identification of isotopes.

As a result, it enables low altitude radiation mapping with aerial imaging and observation, including over high-dose areas and inaccessible locations, whilst minimising the risk of operator exposure.

The AARM system is used across multiple applications, including:

  • Rapid emergency response monitoring of radiation events
  • Routine monitoring of nuclear installations throughout the life-cycle
  • Monitoring radiation in the oil & gas industry
  • Environmental monitoring for radiation hazards
  • Exploring for Rare Earth Elements
  • Defence and Homeland security operations

To learn more, register here to attend our product webinar at 1pm on 21 October:

For more information or to download a product brochure, click here:



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