D3S on The Counter Terror Awards 2019 shortlist


The Counter Terror Awards 2019

The Counter Terror Awards 2019, taking place on March 5th, is an event staged to recognise the efforts of organisations in both the public and private sectors and their contributions to counter-terror strategy in the UK and overseas, as well as the vital role played by the military and emergency services in mitigating terrorist threats and striving to keep the public safe.

The D3S has been shortlisted in the CBRNE Product Award of The Counter Terror Awards 2019. This award is presented to the product which has the potential to provide effective protection for emergency services and/or civilians against attack from Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear weapons.

The D3S can turn everyone into a radiation detector. Primarily designed for CBRNE defence the D3S continually scans for gamma and neutron radiation.

Fighting the threat of a radiological dirty bomb, a device that uses conventional explosives to disperse a radioactive substance, is a vital part of CBRNE defence. The D3S can identify gamma radiation in seconds, will show you the dose that you are exposed to and the likely source of the radiation (not only identifying gamma isotopes but also identifying neutron source).

You can hear Kevin Good talk about the D3S on the Darley Podcast here.













D3S wearable gamma-neutron detector

The D3S wearable RIID gamma neutron detector identifies radioisotopes and detects neutrons in seconds. The perfect PRD, SPRD and RIID replacement for the CBRN sector and first responders, it is designed to detect radiological threats like dirty bombs, radioactive contamination, smuggling of radioactive substances or radiation at the scene of an accident or terrorist attack. The D3S wearable RIID gamma neutron detector turns anyone into a radiation warning system that is hard to avoid and can go anywhere a terrorist or smuggler can. No need to point the detector at a threat because the D3S scans in the background, it identifies isotopes in seconds and informs the user via a mobile phone app – no need for the public or a target to know what you are doing. The D3S is currently available in two versions the D3S ID is an out of the box standalone radiation detectors that use the mobile phone app to alert ad report on any isotopes found. This makes it perfect for small scale deployments. The D3S NET version of the device can be joined to the DARPA Sigma network to share radiation alerts with a centralised control room, this means the device can be used even by those untrained in radiological protocols. It brings the idea of ubiquitous constant radiation monitoring one step closer.


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