Kromek in Medical Physics

With precise, reliable spectra and flexible product capabilities, Kromek have got radiological detection and contamination monitoring covered for Hospitals and Radiopharmaceuticals.

Get the high-quality data you need

Distinct, precise spectral peaks; sounds good right?

Reliably identify and quantify radioisotopes in medical waste, radiopharmaceutical manufacturing, health physics research and decommissioning projects using Kromek’s world-leading radiation detectors.

Radiological scan

“The improved energy resolution of the CZT detector allows for a clear separation between the two Co-57 energy peaks of 122 keV and 136 keV.

Using our high resolution RayMon, this customer was able to identify low activity, long-lived isotopes present in a LINAC head with precision, such as Co-57 and Bi-207. Data collected from the device reliably informed their next steps in the decommissioning process, and ensured guidelines surrounding radioactive waste management were followed appropriately.

Precise identification and quantification of isotope mixtures

With Kromek’s world-leading radiation detectors


  • Lists all radioisotopes present in a sample
  • Accurate dose measurements
  • High resolution, CZT-based probe is easily detachable, and therefore can also operate as a fixed detector within lead shielding when needed


  • High < 2.5% FWHM @ 662 KeV energy resolution isotope identification with distinct, precise spectral peaks
  • Easy to integrate into custom systems, due to it’s small and self-contained design with all the necessary electronics built-in
  • No cryogenic cooling necessary for operation at room temperature

Quant 4 GR1

  • Set custom efficiency calibrations using your own reference sources
  • High resolution of <2% and count spectrum range of 4096 channels enables any isotope to be identified and its associated dose quantified
  • Copper-lined lead shielding to minimise the effect of background radiation

MultiSpect Analysis Gamma Spectroscopy Software

  • Isotope ID can be attained in real-time with a user-configurable library of over 400 radionuclides
  • Connect multiple detectors to analyse several data inputs at one time, in one place
  • Quantitative analysis possible with MultiSpect Analysis Premium

Maximise your radiological detection capability

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